5 thoughts on “Journal During the Trump Regime (7)

  1. I mentioned before that I don’t trust Parnas, especially without a plausible, benign explanation as to why he’s releasing this information. To me, harming Trump and others may be harmful to him–unless it somehow helps the shady characters he’s associated with. Two possibilities comes to mind, although this is speculative and will make me seem paranoid:

    1. Parnas releases the tapes, and over time we learn their inauthentic. This can create impression Trump not guilty or make the public exasperated, leading to them giving up on knowing what’s true or not.

    2. It may distract from some bigger scandal or occurrence.

  2. It’s worth reiterating a point about Trump’s claim that he was concerned about corruption in Ukraine involving Hunter Biden. If one behaves in really corrupt ways, one can’t claim to care about corruption–not in any credible way–especially when one only cares about corruption when it hurts one’s enemies. The idea of calling the Bidens to testify is a farce, a transparent attempt at a political hit job, not a genuine interest in rooting out corruption.

    1. When you read this think about how Trump and his followers want you to believe that his going after the Bidens was because he cared about curbing corruption.

  3. Summary of important happenings in the past week:

  4. WaPo (2/14/2020)summary of what’s been going on.

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