Best Movies of the 2010s

Much of my interest and enthusiasm for movies has waned significantly (and I never thought I’d get to this point). But I am interested in seeing some of the best movies of the decade, especially those that compare favorably to all-time great movies prior to the decade. I’m going to use Film Comment’s top 50 as a guide. If you guys know of any other good lists, or have any strong, personal recommendations, let me know.

8 thoughts on “Best Movies of the 2010s

  1. From that list, I’ve seen Moonlight, Carol, Boyhood, Inside Llewyn Davis, Certified Copy, First Reformed, and The Social Network. I have The Phantom Thread on my computer but haven’t watched it yet.

      1. It was interesting but I didn’t care for the last part for some reason. Thought-provoking for sure. You might like it. I think you might especially like the part where I thought it jumped the rails.

        Which have you seen?

    1. OK, thanks for the feedback.

      I’ve seen Boyhood, Inside Llewyn Davis, Certified Copy, The Social Network, Uncle Boonmee…, Holy Motors, The Tree of Life, Under the Skin (Didn’t we see that together?), The Turin Horse, The Act of Killing, The Assassin, Mad Max: Fury Road, Faces Places, A Separation, This is Not a Film, Poetry.

      Writing out this list makes gives me some confidence about Film Comment’s judgment. These seem like worthy choices–although I didn’t love Llewlyn or Mad Max as much as other critics.

      1. …or Boyhood or the Social Network.

        Yeah I did see Under the Skin with you. Missed that—maybe I should look at the list again.

        Two omissions I notice right off are Inside Out and Up.

    2. Yeah, I don’t think I cared for The Social Network. I think thought a little more highly of Boyhood. (Man, I don’t have a clear memory of my feelings about those films.)

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