2 thoughts on “Music 2020

  1. Some thoughts I had while listening to and enjoying Poco’s eponymous album:

    1. Country without the twang–which comes close to being country pop;
    2. The musicianship stood out a bit, including the bass. I’m not sure if that was Timothy B. Schmidt, but whoever it was, I liked the playing.

  2. New stuff released this year I’ve checked out.


    Selena Gomez (Jan 10), Rare: Pop R&B. Slick. Musically not my cup of tea, which gets in the way of my enjoying the themes, which are very positive. I like that she’s toned down the sexiness from her last album and upped the women power. Probably need to keep revisiting this before it grows on me, if it’s capable of doing so.

    Alexandra Savior (Jan 10), The Archer: Dream pop, indie rock. This has more potential to hit me, but so far it hasn’t. I like the lyrics and presentation, and I’d go see her in concert, but nothing seems to be catching hold of me, which is a little disappointing. I wonder if I’m too old.

    Hawktail (Jan 10), Formations: Americana (but really I don’t know what to call it). Brittany Haas is my favorite bluegrass fiddler and I love almost everything she does. This group has a lot of energy but the album feels strangely subdued to me, and it’s really mellow. It’s also really pretty, and it’s growing on me, ‘though I admit my attention just kinda wanders in and out whenever it’s on. I wish I knew why.

    Stroke 9 (Jan 17), Califrio: Alterna-pop. So far the best non-metal album of the year for me. It’s mellow and groovy, much more like their recent songs than their older, more aggressive stuff (which includes “Little Black Backpack,” their one hit). I recommend it for any fan of early 2000s alt-rock who wish they weren’t too old for that music anymore.

    Stone Temple Pilots (Feb 7), Perdida. Acoustic alt-pop. This album is pretty as heck but it all sounds the same to me. The whole thing would be good for a late-night writing session playlist, which would keep your brain awake but not distract you from your task. Come to think of it, everything on this list so far would be, too.

    Still wanna check out the new albums by Echosmith, Huey Lewis and the News, Richard Marx, and Pet Shop Boys. New James Taylor coming at the end of the month.


    Sons of Apollo (Jan 17), MMXX: Proggy alt-pop-metal. This reminds me a lot of Asia, not musically but conceptually. Take a currently popular sound, but let really really really good proggy musicians play and write the songs. So the result is a a weird mix of Nickelback and Dream Theater. I like it, especially when the band kind of lets loose with the chops, as with several moments where keyboardist Derek Sherinian gets noodley. I wish I liked it more. The other band members are Mike Portnoy, Jeff Scott Soto, Bumblefoot, and Billy Sheehan.

    (to be continued)

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