Journal During the Trump Regime (2)

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Another Un-American, Unpresidential Act by Trump

Can you imagine Obama, Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41, Reagan, Carter doing doing something like this? I can’t.

I agree with Philadelphia’s Mayor:


Just out:

Petty. I can’t help but also think this is just another demogogic attempt to rile up his base.

Fox News assisting with the demagoguery:

They later apologized for this.



I haven’t listened to the clip, but that quote is spot on, with regard to the above actions. The POTUS’s job is to unite the nation, especially when there are many divisions. What he’s doing above is exacerbating divisions to maintain power.


I didn’t listen to watch the press conference, and my first instinct is to assume some breakdown in communication has occurred. Then again, I trust Haberman, too, and here she’s saying that what is said reflects some larger trend or pattern. If so it’s outrageous and un-American, particularly for a POTUS to think this.

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  1. Mishandling of the IG Report

    If there’s so many horrible things to tell, my understanding is that Trump could declassified any relevant information and release it to the public. If he couldn’t because of national security issues–or even if national security wasn’t an issue–as president, he should work behind the scenes to correct the issue. These public statements undermine faith in the report. Indeed, if the report is favorable to Trump, questions will arise about whether the IG altered the report to please Trump. If the report is unfavorable, Trump’s tweet seems to lay the groundwork to cast doubts upon it. Either way, his tweet seem very irresponsible.

    Also, I have hard time believing Trump cares about transparency. He should have released his taxes if that was the case.


  2. Children “ripped” or “torn” away from parents, and then put in “cages?” Can that be? Is that really an accurate description? I’m wary of accepting that at face value, but if that’s accurate, I have a hard time seeing any justification for this. I would like to know if anything like this occurred in previous administrations? I’d like to hear a response from an ICE official or the officials responsible for these detention spaces.

      1. I finally read the above. My impression is that the building more building more tent facilities to house unaccompanied children isn’t objectionable. This would be a place to keep the children safe until a family member (in the U.S.) or caregiver could be found to care for the child. (Obama administration started the practice in 2014.)

        The bad part is that the Trump administration is separating children from parents that arrive here:

        Now those who arrive with their parents are being separated from them and also sent to HHS shelters or sponsor families.

        Leon Fresco, a deputy assistant attorney general under President Barack Obama, who defended that administration’s use of family detention, said the Trump administration is also likely going to need to return to Congress soon for more money if it wants to keep up this aggressive detention approach. He said it’s much more expensive to separate the parent and children and hold them in two different facilities than keeping them together using a monitoring system.

        “The point is separating families is not only controversial, it’s also inordinately more expensive,” Fresco said.

        An opponent of the policy claims that Trump is doing this to score political points (with his base). I can’t help but feel this is a cruel way to deter immigrants.

        (It should be noted that the Trump administration mentions many immigrants who leave the facilities fail to show up for future trial dates to process their case, and so ostensibly end up staying in the country illegally. Trying to keep them in the tent facilities may be justification to reduce that. Still, the solution seems excessive–like another cruel way to deter people from coming here. How long will the children have to stay in these facilities–facilities that, to me, have the feel of concentration camps? Finally, a surge of immigrants since 2014 have been fleeing violence and poverty in Central America.)

      2. The list of Christian leaders that have spoken out against this policy (Franklin Graham!) is good to see. Oh, it’s also good to see the Jewish and Muslim organizations that have spoken out.

    1. I recommend reading this:

      This was pretty good as well:


  3. What impression do you get of the journalist when you read that? Do start wondering if the author is fair, unbiased or reasonable? Honestly, that’s my knee-jerk reaction, and I suspect many others react the same way. The thing is, what if what he’s saying is accurate? What if, Trump really has a strong authoritarian streak, doesn’t care about the rule of law or understand our Constitution?

  4. I think this is actually real

    As in, this tweet is from the real Dennis Rodman, and that he’s actually going to play some diplomatic role between Trump and Kim Jong Un. Bizarre and not reassuring.

  5. This is predictable.

  6. Mueller Alleges that Paul Manafort Tampered with Witnesses

    I just wanted to comment on this. Some are baffled as to why he would do this, while being wearing ankle–being under house arrest, wearing ankle-monitoring bracelets. Others aren’t confused. The latter believe that Manafort is far more worried about Putin assassinating he and his family more than serving a life sentence in prison. Count me in that latter category. Would you rather serve life in prison or have you and your family die of poisoning or some other gruesome method?

    If I’m right, why not break laws–such as, witness tampering–to avoid jail time. Additionally, when witness tampering because public, that signals to Putin that you’re not turning against him. In other words, it signals that he shouldn’t kill you.

    I have hard time seeing how someone like Manafort or Rick Gates would cooperate with Mueller. They would have to have significant assurances that the federal government would invest a lot of resource to protect them and their families.

    1. AP should have read the above.

  7. Trump’s understanding and approach to governing are more similar to an dictator than a U.S. president. Republicans would have their hair on fire if a Democratic president said this, and they would be justified.

    Trump claimed he was kidding:

    It didn’t seem that way to me. Trump doesn’t seem to joke around much. Plus, his comments are in line with other authoritarian behaviors and attitudes that he has displayed or have been part of his administration.

    Brendan Nyhan, a Dartmouth political scientist, weighed in chiding people for misrepresenting the clip. I share his desire for Trump critics to be accurate, but I think he’s parsing the language a little too much, and not recognizing that presidents are responsible for accuracy. He should acknowledge that, in my view. Some of the comments bring this up. If you guys read it, let me know what you think:

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