One thought on “Albums on Saturday/Sundays (2022)

  1. Take the Fall (2018) Bush Tetras

    While looking up podcasts, I came across ; an interview with Thurstone Moore and two other people who were members of a band called Bush Tetras. I never heard of the band, but the blurb described their music as punk with a groove or something to that effect. Because that description appealed to me, I sought out their music.

    The band formed in the late 70s and soon broke up, but they would periodically reunite over the next several decades. Take the Fall is a relatively recent album that I checked out. Originally, I just planned to listen to snippets and listen to another album, but this one captured my attention–specifically, Cynthia Sley’s vocals and Pat Place’s distorted guitar. The music doesn’t groove, or at least that’s not the word I’d use, but I like it nonetheless–primarily because of Sley and Place.

    As for the compositions, they seem pretty good–but nothing really exceptional.

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