7 thoughts on “Journal During the Trump Regime (3)

  1. The fact that the Trump doesn’t read reports given to him, or dismisses advice (e.g., “Don’t congratulate Putin”), and that the staff struggles to find ways to get him to read these reports has been reported so often now that there’s little chance this isn’t not something real.

    Can this be anything but bad? I guess, if Trump was knowledgeable and a genius at improvising this might not matter, but there is very little evidence of that. This situation is not good, and I’m apt to use the word crazy.

  2. One of the more comprehensive overviews of Trump-Russia Scandal

    It has all the trappings of a conspiracy theory. However, I still want to hear an alternative explanations for some of the most suspicious facts that we know.

  3. Economic and Security Impact of Trump’s Immigration Policy

    I the second journal thread, I focused mostly on the zero tolerance policy leading to a separation of parents and children. In this post, I want to focus on other aspects of the policy, namely the economic and security impact.

  4. This Slipped Through the Cracks

    Maybe it’s not the most significant bit of news, but this is something that caught my eye, and concerns me:

  5. Hate Crimes

    I’m not sure if this qualifies. The man police arrested was also being evicted. But they also found swastikas in his apartment, and a witness heard him make anti-semitic remarks. In any event, this is kind of scary, and I’m glad the police foiled this.

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