4 thoughts on “Senate Impeachment Trial

  1. I’m not following the trial closely, mostly out of disgust, but I found these clips from Rep. Schiff compelling:

    I think below is the entirety(?) of the speech:

  2. Senator Lamar Alexander, who I believe is a decisive vote for hearing witnesses, explains why he’s voting against it in the thread below:

    He mentions that the people can decide if what Trump did is inappropriate or not. But what if Trump keeps behaving in “inappropriate” ways and that gives him an “inappropriate” advantage in the upcoming election? What if he and the Republicans do even more “inappropriate” things, like not protect the elections adequately, calling into question the results if they go against Trump, or even suspending the election because of this?

    Reading some of the news now, one reaction I had–and I’m hope I’m just being hysterical–is that the Republicans are going all in on an authoritarian approach. (McConnell not allowing a vote on a bill to give money to states to secure elections was another indication of this.) I feel really uneasy right now.

    1. I’m seeing tweets like the following:

      The assumption here is that Trump won’t do anything to really undermine the legitimacy of the elections. If you could guarantee this wasn’t going to happen, acquitting the President, while awful, wouldn’t leave me feeling nearly as low.

      I’m thinking along the lines of Alene and McMullin:

      How can people not think this is what Trump is going to do?

  3. Senator Mitt Romney explaining his vote on removal. In my opinion, history will remember him well.

    One thing that stood out for me–Romney chokes up early on when mentions taking an oath to God and how he’s very religious. I thought he was genuine, and I found this moving. I respect what he did.

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