7 thoughts on “XFL Rules

  1. Also there is no kicking for the PAT. You have to get the ball in the end zone for the extra point: line up at the 2 for 1 point; line up at the 5 for 2 points; line up at the 10 for 3 extra points. Now a 9-point spread is a one-score game.

  2. Reid,

    You might like watching the XFL if you haven’t already. The coach can talk to the QB just about the entire time. It doesn’t cut off after a certain amount of time like the NFL. And on the telecast you can hear what the coach is saying to the QB for good amounts of time. I can see you liking that.

    1. It does sound interesting. I’m interested in watching the games. I have to try and see if the air the games online.

    1. I didn’t realize he was out of the league. There’s another clip where King places the ball on the 1, and the gunner just ruins it.

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