NBA Players Who Changed the Game

Here’s Colin Cowherd’s list:

There’s something that Dr. J said that makes me think of this topic. He said that one of his criteria for a great player is the impact a player can have on the way others play. He specifically said that if kids go out on the playground and try to emulate a player, that’s a sign of greatness. I don’t think I’d used that criterion to determine the best players, but I would use it to define players that changed the game. With that said, here’s some thoughts on this topic.

Using the criterion above, I would put Magic and Bird in there. Specifically, I think they made passing really appealing, especially the flashy type of passing. I think they made passing something players actually enjoyed doing as much as shooting or maybe even dunking.

I kinda want to put in Dr. J in there, and Jordan, of course.

I’m tempted to put in Steph Curry, specifically because he seemed to extend the range of a viable shot.

To me, though, I think factors outside of the players changed the game–the biggest being the one-and-done. I also would choose Mike D’Antoni as having a huge influence on the game. I would say both havd a bigger impact than Curry.

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