6 thoughts on “Restaurants (2023)

  1. New smashburger spot where Shilawon used to be. Sorry Reid.

    It’s near the office and it inherited the space (which still looks like a KBBQ joint) including the under-building parking. Woo.

    I took a photo but it’s not a very good photo. But here’s the IG: https://www.instagram.com/carl_og3_ojisan

    I had The One with a side of crinkle-cuts and a Coke Zero. $24 with the tip; the other burgers don’t cost quite as much. The burger was solid. Very good, actually. Nice flavor. Not as good as Daley or Shay’s, but still good, and much more convenient for me.

    1. Shilawon is the one at the bottom of a condo, right? I’m going to be at the convention center today, so I might try this, although I haven’t really enjoyed the smashburgers I’ve eaten so far. (I like the fact that they serve crinkle cut fries, though.)

    2. OK, thanks.

      I didn’t get to try the place. I ate at a Cali burrito at Senor Pepe’s, with carnitas. I thought kalua pig might be good in Mexican food, as it’s similar to carnitas. Well, the carnitas at Pepe’s taste like (a bland) kalua pig. Pepe’s is next to the Poi Bowl, so I guess the Poi Bowl is providing them with the pork?

      Overall, the whole thing was disappointing.

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