It’s All About the Bass

My second favorite instrument would have to be the bass. Electric, acoustic, upright–it doesn’t matter. I like them all. I like hearing the bass in a variety of music as well. This is a thread to express my love for this instrument and the music that is made from it.

Let’s start with some bass introductions:

“Haitian Fight Song” (Mingus)

“Hobo Ho” (Mingus)

“So What” (Miles Davis)

“Barney Miller Theme Song” (Jack Elliot and Ally Ferguson)

It’s not just the bass introduction, but the bass playing of Chuck Berghofer, throughout the song. I really love it. Actually, I love the song and arrangements in general. It’s a badass song and performance in my opinion.

4 thoughts on “It’s All About the Bass

  1. Really musical, groovin. This kept my attention the whole way through.

    Pee Wee Hill is pretty dang good, too.

  2. This was pretty cool. I learned some songs I never heard before.

    I agree with him that the bass is “in between” rhythm, melody, and harmony–that is, it can function and contribute to the music in those three areas–at least if the bassist is really good. One of my favorite bassists is Dave Holland. And he’s great in all three areas. (Well, I actually I can’t verify the harmonice area.)

    I really love music that allows space for the bass–particularly in terms of the rhythm or groove. I want to be able to hear the bass clearly–not obscured because of a bad sound system or drummer playing too loudly. (Drummers–let your bass player shine!) And if the bass is the main driver of the rhythm–great!

    On side note, Thundercat mentions synths playing a bass part. I like that sound, too; and I would include the Hammond B-3 and the Moog-bass–I love the Moog bass sound! (I need to find good songs with that sound and do a post on that.)

  3. The part about the way the bass parts affect the harmony and chords of a song were interesting to me (although I didn’t completely understand it). I kinda wish he’d go through the various innovations of bass playing and the way it impacted the various styles of music.

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