It’s All About the Bass

My second favorite instrument would have to be the bass. Electric, acoustic, upright–it doesn’t matter. I like them all. I like hearing the bass in a variety of music as well. This is a thread to express my love for this instrument and the music that is made from it.

Let’s start with some bass introductions:

“Haitian Fight Song” (Mingus)

“Hobo Ho” (Mingus)

“So What” (Miles Davis)

“Barney Miller Theme Song” (Jack Elliot and Ally Ferguson)

It’s not just the bass introduction, but the bass playing of Chuck Berghofer, throughout the song. I really love it. Actually, I love the song and arrangements in general. It’s a badass song and performance in my opinion.

One thought on “It’s All About the Bass

  1. Really musical, groovin. This kept my attention the whole way through.

    Pee Wee Hill is pretty dang good, too.

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