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  1. I’m still running a music discussion for work, and this session we’ve been choosing songs based on themes. A week ago it was songs that contain “eyes” or other body parts.

    I selected “Eye in the Sky” by Alan Parsons Project. This isn’t a song I listen to a lot, but I ended up really liking it. In listening to the song, I think it’s a good example of following the “Happy Birthday” pattern (which Pat Metheny referenced in an interview I posted). I have a urge to re-do the song for guitar, but somehow I don’t think it would sound good with guitar accompaniment.

    The other thing about this song: I never realized this, but to me Alan Parsons Project sound like Pink Floyd with synths, instead of guitar.

    1. Yeah their fandoms definitely overlap. I have a friend (an audio engineer) who says he can usually tell an Alan Parsons-produced song from the way it sounds.

      What’s the next theme?

    2. Initially, while listening to the song again, I thought APP had an original sound, but then I could see a Pink Floyd similarity, which isn’t to say the former isn’t original.

      That was the last class. We’re probably going to do themes in the fall. If you have any suggestions for themes, let me know.

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