2007 NFC Championship Game: Giants vs. Packers

Some thoughts:

  1. The game was cold–I think the announcers said the third coldest game ever played;
  2. I recall this Giants team not being that great, especially on offense, but they actually were decent for a large portion of the game. I had low expectations of Eli, but he looked solid for the first three quarters. Then again, he had three balls that could have been intercepted. The first one went to straight to a DT–but it wasn’t easy to catch; the second was a bad throw that was intercepted, but a penalty by GB negated it; and the third was a throw on a post that went through the hands of a DB–arguable if it was easy or not.
  3. But the Giants controlled the ball for most of the game. Packers scored quickly on one possession, which might have helped the Giants. Still the ball control wasn’t decisive–the Packers could have won this, maybe should have. Then again, if the Packers did a better job of ball control (They didn’t run much), it might have made a big difference.
  4. A big reason they lost was Favre’s INT in the OT. It was an inaccurate throw, and this set up the game winner for the Giants. Favre made a terrible decision/throw in the second half that the Giants picked up. But the Giants DB fumbled on the return and the Packers recovered, near the Giants goal.
  5. Giants kinda looked sloppy at times. In addition to the fumble above, they also fumbled on a kick return, but luckily recovered it. They had some drops, too, but the weather could have been a factor. I think their kicker missed two FGs, including one at the end of regulation that could have won the game.

Describing Football Styles That Excel In The Playoffs Versus Those That Do Not

In another thread, I asked you guys to help me define and describe NFL pro style offense. In this thread, I’m seeking your guys help again on a somewhat similar topic. I’ve been having football discussions about the styles of play that do well in playoffs versus those that do not. Normally, I would describe the former as teams that have an identity based on really good, physical defenses and run game, while I’d describe the latter by saying they are characterized by high-scoring, aggressive pass-centric offenses. (In the rest of the discussion, I’m going to use “D/R” to indicate the teams based on strong defense and run games and “P” for aggressive pass-centric offensive teams.) To make this more clear, I give specific examples. D/R teams would be 2013 Seahawks, 2015 Broncos, and almost all the Super Bowl winners in the 80s and 90s. The P teams would be 2007 Patriots, Greatest Show on Turf Rams, Run-and-shoot Oilers, Air Coryell Chargers, Marino’s Dolphins. I would also include Colts with Manning, Saints with Brees, Rodgers with Green Bay, and Roethlisberger in the last few years with the Steelers. Continue reading “Describing Football Styles That Excel In The Playoffs Versus Those That Do Not”

2018-2019 NBA

Thread for general discussion about the 2018-2019 NBA season. I want to start things off Nikola Jokic. Did either of you tell me to watch this guy? I feel like maybe Don recommend that I watch him. Anyway, I saw some highlights of his passing. Some of these passes are approaching, if not equivalent to Magic and Bird, which is really exciting for me. The guy seems to have some other skills, too. He’s making me more interested in watching the NBA, or at least watching him. Here’s some highlights:


I’m becoming a fan.

For comparison:

All-Time Greatest NBA Players

Dan Patrick presents Charles Barkley with several basketball players and asks him if he’s better than them. Here are some of the players; LeBron, Bird, Magic, Isiah, Duncan, Karl Malone (I think that’s it). Who do you think he said was better than him?

He says Magic, Duncan, and LeBron are better, but hesitates on Bird. That’s some disrespect right there. I can’t help but feel like he’s not remembering how good Bird was. He says that he’s probably a better rebounder than Bird. That’s reasonable, although I think Bird is a terrific rebounder, and if focused on that, his stats could be way better. He says he’s probably a better defender. Maybe. He says Bird is obviously a better shooter. Too bad, he didn’t move on to passing. I think Barkley is a really good passer, but he’s not better than Bird. I’m a little puzzled as to why someone would definitely choose Magic over Bird. I think they’re both pretty close, but I think you can make a better case for Bird over Magic.

2018-2019 NCAA Final Four Tournament

I haven’t watched any games, yet, but hopefully I will (although I don’t think there’s free online access, so maybe not). Anyway, I wanted to comment on some officiating for the UCF-Duke game.

The final seconds of Duke’s 77-76 win over UCF!

Zion: 32 PTS, 11 REB, 3 3PT
RJ: 16 PTS, 8 REB, 4 AST
Cam: 13 PTS (5-8 FG)

(Via @marchmadness) pic.twitter.com/hxwzQfNEzk— Ballislife.com (@Ballislife) March 24, 2019

Here’s tweet by Fran Fraschilla:

I’m sorry to say this because I appreciate how hard officiating it but, Zion’s last drive was either a charge (I believe it was) or a block but that is NOT a “no call.” Otherwise, it was an incredible game. Congrats to both Duke & UCF.— Fran Fraschilla (@franfraschilla) March 24, 2019

Based on the clip above, I think that’s a good no call. What do you guys think?