2018-2019 NFL Super Bowl 53

This might one of the worst Super Bowls for me. I would love to see the Rams lose, but that would mean the Patriots would win. I’d equally love to see the Patriots lose, but that would mean the Rams would win. If there were a way that both teams would lose, I’d be happy. The next best option would be seeing the team that plays good defense and runs well win the game, but would still mean one the team I was rooting against won the game. Continue reading “2018-2019 NFL Super Bowl 53”

2018-2019 NFL Coaching Carousel

The season has ended, and I believe seven teams are looking for coaches: Broncos, Cardinals, Dolphins, Jets, Buccaneers, Browns, and Bengals.

The Packers were another team, but they just filled their spot with Matt LaFleur, the Titans OC. I understand the Buccaneers are set to hire Bruce Arians. The LaFleur hiring has me thinking about the Titans next OC. Two names come to my mind quickly Continue reading “2018-2019 NFL Coaching Carousel”

2018 Year-End Lists

“I love lists. Always have. when I was 14, I wrote down every dirty word I knew on file cards and placed them in alphabetical order. I have a thing about about collections, and a list is a collection with purchase.”

Adam Savage
Wired Magazine
“Step One: Make a List”
October 2012

Coach’s Notebook

Here’s a thread to jot down teaching points, anecdotes and other insights related to coaching.

For the first post, I want to start off with some comments I had about Pete Carroll’s remarks about a disastrous play right before halftime against the Vikings. The Seahawks had the ball on the Vikings 4 yard line, with 16 seconds and no timeouts. Russell Wilson drops back, slips, tries to scramble and then throws an INT. Anyway, Pete mentioned several things about this that I thought was interesting: Continue reading “Coach’s Notebook”