One thought on “2023-2024 NFL week 5

  1. Jets@Broncos

    The Broncos fumbling on the reverse felt like one that might have cost them the game.

    Russ is fine, but his scrambling ability has diminished significantly–specifically his speed. He’s getting caught from behind or knocked down. The Denver OL is not great, but it would have been good enough in Russ’s prime. It’s a little sad to see. I think he can be very good, but he’s needs a much better OL.


    The Rams lost, and the Eagles dominated the time of possession. But the Rams are still really impressive to me. They’re a scary team that I wouldn’t want to play.


    I feel like this was a bit closer than the score suggested. The game got away from the Cardinals in the second half.

    I dislike the Bengals offense. The thing is, they can run the ball decently from the shotgun. The OL seems to get a good push on some of the runs. They just rather pass a lot more.


    I like the diversity of running plays the Falcons showed today.
    CJ Stroud looks solid.
    Ridder is still shaky but he had one or two throws where you can really see his arm strength.


    SF ground and pound. The 49ers could run the ball and run it well. The Cowboys couldn’t I feel like that was a big story of the game. That and the turnovers.


    The Steelers offense is not good, and they’re almost unwatchable to me. But the Steeler defense kept them in the game, and their ST got a blocked punt for a safety that turned the game around for them. Jaylen Warren had really good runs that sparked the team as well.

    Lamar’s passing seemed shaky in this game.


    Good game. The Colts did to the Titans what the Titans try to do to other teams: run right at you. Again and again. (Zack Moss had a huge day.) Minshew came in and played great.

    Colts defense played well.

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