2023-2024 NFL week 8

If the Browns have been the “factory of sadness,” the Raiders should be called the “factory of mediocrity.” The fact that the Raiders have been so bad for so long just came to mind over the weekend. No matter who the coach is for about the last 20 years or so, the Raiders have been mediocre and sometimes awful, especially on defense. I can’t remember the last time the Raiders had a really, really good defense. It’s a good thing I don’t care so much about the team.


The Bills seemed to have a returned to a more pass-centric style. In a way, I can understand it, and I might even support the move. Allen looked out of sorts. Tonight he looked in rhythm and just looked like his old self. My guess is that he’s just not comfortable operating from under center. (The Bills were mostly in shotgun.)

The Bucs are a middling team. I kinda like Dave Canales, but I think he takes the balanced play calling too far at times–using R-P-R or P-R-P sequences. (Maybe not so much in this game, but the one or two before this.) I also think he should diversify his run game a bit.

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  1. Rams, Cowboys: The Rams defensive backfield looked pathetic against this average Cowboy offense. Their defensive front was getting pressure, but did a poor job at times keeping Dak in the pocket. The Rams offense faired decently while Stafford was in, but was doing way too many misdirection plays in the first half. The second half the Rams started running the ball pretty well, which is what they should have done more of in the first half. The Cowboy defense definitely didn’t dominate the Rams like they did the Chargers.

    Chargers, Bears: Chargers offense was overpowering the Bears at times. Herbert looked good in this one unlike the many missed throws he had against the Cowboys.

  2. (Note: I wrote most of these comments yesterday, and just posted them a few minutes ago.)


    Third game with shaky ball security for Geno Smith. Right now, I will say he will not be able to protect the ball in the playoffs, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he averages one turnover per game (although Carroll might not keep him in there if that happens).

    Luckily, PJ Walker’s ball security also wasn’t that great. It’s unfortunate because I thought Kevin Stefanaski outcoached Clint Hurtt and Pete Carroll. It helps that they have a really good OL, but still.


    I had the Cowboys defense/ST in for fantasy. Turpin almost took it to the house, twice. Dang.

    I’m not sure about the Rams strategy. They seemed to want to pass a lot from the get go. They didn’t even really try to run the ball–and this was before the game really got away from them.

    Man, I guess we’re starting to see Mike McCarthy’s vision for the offense this year: Dak is the centerpiece. The offense is looking like the one in Green Bay, with CeeDee Lamb running those slants like Jordy Nelson.


    Something is really wrong with the 49er defense. Burrow looked fully healthy, and he was terrific. As good as he is, the 49ers defense should have played way better. My understanding is Steve Wilks, the DC, is attempting to continue the previous defense, which is different from the defense he normally runs. I would guess this is the main problem.

  3. Raiders@Lions

    Well, if the Lions wanted to get Jamyr Gibbs more involved, boy did they wildly succeed. It almost seemed like the Lions could have kept giving him the ball on every play, either running or receiving, and the Lions would have whipped the Raiders.

    It’s not like the Raiders defense was awful, at least not in the beginning. But by the end they seemed broken. Maxx Crosby stood out as one of the few bright spots, but he can only do so much.

    Really, losing to get better draft position is in the Raiders best interests. I hate that the NFL is this way, but that’s the reality.

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