3 thoughts on “2023-2024 NFL week 9

  1. Seahawks@Ravens

    Total domination. The 2019 Ravens were great at ball control, but they were more of option-running offense. The 2023 Ravens are great a ball control, but they’re more balanced. I actually think their passing is the foundation of their offense–specifically passes that go for about 7-12 yards. They can run about 3-5 yards consistently. If that doesn’t work, Lamar’s running, designed or improvised, can get first downs. Their offense moves the ball methodically down the field like a machine. I thought Philly was really good at this, but the Ravens are better.

    I thought the Hawks D would struggle to stop them, unless the Hawks offense matched the the Ravens in terms of ball control. They started off OK, but then they sputtered.

    Geno is playing like a backup.


    Good game.

    I think this is the third game where the offense looks like the Packers–i.e., the run game is neglected. Prescott looked solid in this game, but it’s hard to win with this one-dimensional approach.


    Exciting game. Mayfield leads a great combeback, but Stroud leads one of his own with little time on the clock. The Bucs D struggled at times, including at the end.

    Stroud didn’t look good to me in the beginning of the season, but he’s looking like the real deal.


    Similar game to the Bucs@Texans. Loved one of the last drives of the Falcson, where they ran the ball the whole time. The Falcons defense seemed in control early on, but then they seemed to break down. Credit to Dobbs for making plays.

    1. I didn’t watch the game, but more than one NFL announcer had said that Dobbs was asking the receivers what routes they run in the huddle because he just joined the team and was taking snaps with the backups. That’s unbelievable.

    2. That does seem crazy.

      This must make it even more painful for the Falcons defense. They invested a lot in that defense.

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