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  1. Ron DeSantis

    DeSantis says, if elected president, he’d consider pardons for Jan. 6 offenders from WaPo

    Twice in the interview, DeSantis avoided directly answering questions on whether he’d pardon Trump but left open the possibility.

    DeSantis gave this interview today, after Stewart Rhoades, the Oathkeepers, received an 18 year sentence for seditious conspiracy.

    Just leaving this here:

    Apropos of Rep. Cheney’s tweet: Trump vows pardons, government apology to Capitol rioters if elected

    On the issue of pardoning Trump, I wanted to comment on whether Trump would support the GOP nominee if he doesn’t win it. Most commentators strongly believe he wouldn’t–and would attack the nominee, because he doesn’t care about the GOP (and maybe even hates it). I agree about this last point, but I will be a bit surprised if he doesn’t support the nominee–if the nominee promises to pardon him. Maybe Trump’s narcissism would prevent him from supporting the GOP nominee and would lead him to attack that person. But if he loses the nomination he would be totally vulnerable legally. The only way of escaping prison time would be a federal pardon. (The whole thing kinda reminds me of Yeltsin choosing Putin as his successor.) Would Trump keep attack the GOP nominee–versus trying to help him? How is he going to avoid prison time?

    The problem with this is that the POTUS can’t pardon someone for state crimes–and there are at least two more from New York and Georgia that may result in prison time.

  2. Trump

    On raising the debt-ceiling:

    Trump would have allowed the country to default.

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