3 thoughts on “2021-2022 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championships

  1. I expect the favorites to win. KC possibly in a blowout.

    The more I watch Jimmy Garoppolo play, the more I like Don’s theory about his being a first-read QB. But he has not looked very good in these playoffs.

    1. The Niner’s offense has been bad in these playoffs. They had couple stretches in the Cowboy game that they couldn’t do much, and they couldn’t do anything in the Packer game. However, the Niner defense has looked very good. They don’t blitz and they get okay pressure with four. Man, this Niner team with Deforest Buckner would be the favorite, in my opinion. I will take the Rams, though.

      The Chiefs are definitely the better team on both sides of the ball. But just four weeks ago, Chase went off on these Chiefs. I think this game could be a shoot-out. Spags had just enough answers against the Bill’s offense, he will need to find some against Burrow this week. I like the Chiefs.

      I’ll be cheering for both underdogs, but would hate to see a Bengal, Niner Super Bowl. Actually, as long as the Niners get into the Super Bowl, it won’t be that great.

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