6 thoughts on “2021-2022 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

  1. I was wrong to pick the Cowboys, but I sort of knew they could lose against the Niners. I thought overall the Cowboys looked like the better team, but they just shot themselves in the foot way too many times, and Shanahan’s playcalling looked impressive at times.

    I’ll stick with the Chiefs in the AFC, but any one of the remainding teams can go to the Super Bowl, even the Bengals. The Bengals have very little on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball which will make it very hard, but the other teams in the AFC just aren’t great which gives them a chance.

    On the NFC, I’ll go Rams at this point, but man Stafford has had so many games where he was just awful this year, that it’s hard not to see that happening some time soon.

  2. I heard someone (I can’t remember who) say Matthew Stafford keeps both teams in the game.

    The likeliest upset is the 49ers beating the Packers, but I don’t see it happening. Which makes it weird that a less likely upset, the Rams over the Buccaneers, is the one I’ll predict.

    So, Packers over Niners. Titans over Bengals. Rams over Buccaneers. Chiefs over Bills. The KC-Buffalo game looks the most interesting.

  3. The most amazing finishes of any playoff weekend ever, is my guess. That doesn’t mean all the games were great though. The Packer game was tough to watch at times as both teams couldn’t do much. The Titan’s played good at times, but Tannehill hurt them with his three INT’s especially the last one.

    The last game though, featuring the battle between Mahomes and Allen was epic. They both were almost flawless. Did both teams’ defense and maybe coaches do some awful stuffs, yeah probably, but man those just added to the drama.

    1. I’m a doofus, too. During the Rams-Bucs game, I hadn’t had much sleep the night before, so I went back to bed at halftime and set my alarm to catch the Bills-Chiefs game. So I missed the comeback and late-game drama.

      Then, enjoying the heck out of the Bills-Chiefs but also committed to picking up dinner on my way to visit my folks, I jumped in my car when Buffalo scored that late fourth-quarter touchdown with less than half a minute left in the game. I missed the comeback and the OT!

      1. That’s pretty funny.

        I was cheering for the Niners because I just learned Todd’s son is a big Niner fan. It made me nostalgic of when I was his age cheering for the Cowboys. I sort of remember how happy and sad wins and losses could make me.

        Romo made a point in the Chiefs, Bills game with 13 seconds, no timeouts, ball on the 25 yard line, down by three, that the Bills should be rushing less guys and make Mahomes hold the ball for an extra second or two. I agree. In so much, that as a trick play, the Bill should have rushed no one. They could have dropped two safeties deep, played man on the five receivers, and zoned the underneath with four guys daring Mahomes to run the ball and try to get out-of-bounds. What you guys think?

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