One thought on “Hey! Check This Out! (2022)

  1. Sarah Zhang, one of several science writers at theAtlantic, has an interesting notion in this piece.

    Zhang presents an interesting idea here: If certain diseases were all but eliminated due to improvements in better sanitation of water–if no modern society would tolerate unsanitary conditions with regard to water and refuse–if we applied the same thought to airbourne diseases, could we all but eliminate many of them?

    Zhang starts by mentioning seasonal flu. With better ventilation and air filtering in our buildings, maybe the phenomena of seasonal flu would be a thing of the past? Could we have largely been spared of the havoc caused by COVID-19?

    One catch is the cost of not only upgrading existing building, but buildings may have to use more energy to achieve this–and my understanding is that buildings already consume a lot of energy. However, think of a more deadly airbourne disease that may eventually come about. If better building ventilation could reduce or prevent such a disease from spreading wildly, the cost might be worth it.

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