7 thoughts on “2021-2022 NFL playoffs: wild card round

  1. Out of the 14 playoff teams, I believe only the two 7th seeds don’t have a chance to win it all. I don’t think the Raiders has that much of a chance either, but I give them a sliver of chance unlike the Steelers and Eagles. On the other side, I’m not huge on the two number one seeds. I think the Packers has been the best team this year and has been the most consistent, but if I had to bet I wouldn’t pick them in the NFC. Who would I bet on, I’m not sure. I think the Rams, Cowboys, and Bucs’ upside can be higher than the Packers. In the AFC, I think no team has played great, but I think the Pats have the best playoff-type team despite their QB’s struggles as of late. Bottomline, I’m not confident in any team, but I’ll go Cowboys and Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

    1. I heard there is a good chance the Derrick Henry is going to return for the playoffs. I will give the Titans a slight edge over the other AFC teams, with a Henry return. I probably will still pick the Cowboys and Chiefs though.

  2. Yeah I hard Henry was ready last week but they didn’t put him in.

    I’m picking Vegas over Cincy because of defense. If the game is low-scoring the Raiders win. If it’s a shootout, I think the Raiders lose.

    No idea what to expect from the Patriots and Bills. The Bills don’t have a legit run game, so I’ve been picking against them all season, but so far it works more often than it doesn’t. So I’m taking the Bills with no confidence.

    I’ll pick the rest of the games later.

    I’m with you. Only the Steelers and Eagles don’t have a chance, although the Chiefs are not a lock to win this weekend.

    Tennessee may be the worst top seed I’ve ever seen in the NFL.

    The two teams I’d be afraid of if I were the Packers are the Niners and the Rams, based mostly on defense and running. The Rams seems to have forgotten what makes them good: running and defense. I’m hoping Sean McVay comes to his senses.

    1. To be clear I think both 7th seeds can win this weekend, but I cannot see them winning three games – actually four if it’s “winning it all”.

      Tennessee was really up and down this year. They even didn’t look good in some of their wins early on. But at some point their defense seem to turn the corner. Their passing game with healthy receivers was decent at times. With Henry their upside could be the highest in the AFC. I talk a lot about upside this year because every team has looked really bad at times this year. Which makes everything harder to predict. But if every team plays as good as they seem capable, I would like Cowboys and Rams in the NFC and Titans and Chiefs in the AFC.

  3. The Tampa Bay game is the least interesting all weekend, but I think it would be fun if the Buccaneers lose. So I’ll probably tune in. I picked the Niners over the Cowboys and I have no confidence whatsoever in this pick. There have been times when the Cowboys looked unbeatable this year.

    I also think the Steelers can conceivably beat the Chiefs. The Chiefs have shown several times this season how beatable they are. But I think my preseason pick was the Rams and Chiefs in the Super Bowl, so I’m going to stick with them. Packers-Chiefs looks a lot more likely.

  4. Well I went five for six, which is what I would have had if I’d bet chalk. I need to go through the comments and confirm I predicted the Rams and Chiefs for the Super Bowl.

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