NFL Running Backs Thread

Thread for NFL RBs. First up: NFL Throwback has a video on the best power backs. Do you agree with their picks?

I question the Herschel Walker, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, and Marion Barber picks. I think Walker had power, but I feel like he wasn’t good enough of a RB to be on this list. Ironhead was maybe a better power runner than Walker, but I feel like he, too, wasn’t that good–not for a long enough time. I liked Barber as a RB, but was he good enough? Was he a better RB and better power RB than someone Natrone Means or someone like Stephen Davis or Marion Butts? Or what about OJ Anderson? (Or maybe people don’t think of him as a power back? Is Roger Craig not considered a power back?) I will say this: If I were building a roster, I’d take Barber over Walker and Heyward. (By the way, watching Barber’s highlights–the way he runs reminds me of Marshawn Lynch.) I question whether Jamal Lewis should be in there as well, for the same reasons I question Walker and Heyward. Is Barber better than Ricky Williams or someone like George Rodgers (I barely remember George Rodgers.)?

I really like runners like Brandon Jacobs, Jonathan Stewart, and Eddie George. Leonard Fournette is in that mold (but he’s been a disappointment).

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