NFL Quarterbacks Thread

Thread for topics relating to NFL QBs. The first topic is on the QBs with the strongest arm. Do you agree with the QBs chosen by NFL Throwback?

I think Cam Newton should be on this list. In terms of driving the ball downfield, in terms of line drives, I feel like he had one of the strongest arms. And this raises a related issue–namely, the difference between throwing the ball for distance versus throwing the ball on a rope (i.e., distance with a flat trajectory). A QB can throw it far without necessarily throwing it driving the ball with a flat trajectory. To me, this requires a lot of power. To me, Newton was up there with the best I’ve seen–e.g., Favre, Elway, maybe Marino.

I have a problem with Brady being in there. He didn’t have a weak arm, but he doesn’t seem like he belongs in this group. (I would put Newton above him.) Do you think Brady had a stronger arm than Troy Aikman, Phil Simms, Steve Bartkowski, Neil Lomax, Ken Anderson, Dan Fouts, or what about Jay Cutler?

2 thoughts on “NFL Quarterbacks Thread

  1. Yeah I didn’t think Brady had an exceptionally strong arm. I would say stronger than Aikman and Ken Anderson, but right around the rest of the guys you mentioned. The exception is Jay Cutler, who had a great arm, maybe top ten? At least in the conversation with the guys on the video.

  2. You think Bartkowski, Lomax, Simms and Fouts had stronger arms than Aikman and Anderson? I guess, I really can’t remember with any great precision at this point, but I never had a general impression.

    Who are the good QBs with the weakest arms or arms on the weaker side? I think I’d put Montana in there; maybe Young and Esiason. I kinda feel like QBs like Romo and Rivers would be closer to this category.

    Would you put Aikman, too? I tend not to. To me, his arm strength wouldn’t be among the best, but it’s not in the weaker category either. I kinda feel like Brady would be in here as well.

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