9 thoughts on “2020-2021 NFL: Week 17

  1. Cowboys-Giants

    Giants seemed in control for the first half, but their 2 turnovers were costly. I thought the Dalton and the Cowboys offense got into a nice rhythm in the second half, but the INT at the end was horrid.

    Gallaway (sp?) is lucky he didn’t lose that fumble at the end of the game.

  2. Falcons-Buccaneers

    Falcons hung in there, but gave up a 3rd and long (17?) with 4 minutes left in the game down by 3. Bucs went on to score a TD.


    Seahawks didn’t look so good for most of the game. The Seahawk defense looked good for large portions of the game. Wish I could say the same for the Seahawk offense.

    Last year, I suspected Robert Saleh was getting more praise than he deserved, as he had a lot of talent. But either the 49ers are incredibly deep, or Saleh is a good defensive coach. I’m impressed with them all year, particularly how physical they are.

  3. I’m surprised that there hadn’t been a discussion here of the pulling of Jalen Hurts in the fourth. As wrong as it may seem with playoff implications on the line for the Giants, I’m guessing there isn’t much the league can do. I hope “bachi” happens and Eagles make a terrible pick or two in the upcoming draft.

    1. You mean, here at the site or in the wider NFL community? I don’t really mention it because I wasn’t really paying attention. For example, it didn’t occur to me that Pederson’s move could have cost the Giants a playoff spot. I didn’t watch the game, either, so I didn’t know how Hurts performed.

    2. I think it wouldn’t have become an issue if the Eagles started Sudfeld. A guy, who I believe, never took a snap in a NFL regular season game. But Pedersen started Hurts and in the fourth quarter with the Eagles down three, pulls Hurts for Sudfeld. And Pedersen is saying it’s because he thought Sudfeld deserve to get snaps. Then why not just start him? It just looks bad that with the game on the line they pull their starting QB, don’t put in their second string QB in Wentz, and puts in a guy who never played in a game before. And that’s in a game that means something to the Giants. I don’t know why, but I just find that decision embarrassing.

    3. “He deserves to play” is a bad reason–it’s kinda dumb, and it sounds bogus. If Peterson said, “Hurts was struggling a bit, and we felt like Sudfeld was ready, and we had confidence he could perform well. He’s worked hard and has earned that confidence,” people may not have believed this, but it sounds more credible. If Hurts played badly, that does create some justification to switch QBs.

      The handling of this seems like it could be embarrassing.

      I still would like the league to put in incentives for non-playoff teams to win games–e.g., reward them with an extra draft pick. The league should rectify situations where it’s more rational to lose a game(s). Putting another additional draft pick on the line would also make these games meaningful and exciting for fans of these teams.

      1. Pederson is fired for his decision to pull Hurts in the fourth. I don’t think he should have lost his job for the decision, but the talk is, players were “being held back” from confronting the decision during the game. You could tell that Hurts was completely blindsided and confused. Basically the owners are saying Pederson “lost the locker room” because of that decision. It’s probably more of a straw that broke the camel’s back situation and they just needed a reason to fire a Super Bowl winning coach. But Sal Pal (Paolantonio) said on Dan Patrick that he thought for the “toughest” season in recent history (due to Covid) to end like this (This was the last game of the regular season.), was an embarrassment for the league. Not that the league told Philly to fire Pederson, but I agree with the sentiment.

    4. I don’t know why, but I don’t really have strong feelings about the incident. On some level, if Pederson truly did lose the team, than that’s a reason to fire him. But on some level, I don’t care for the idea of firing a coach, when a team has had a lot of injuries (for the past two seasons).

  4. Cutest comment I heard last weekend. Tony Romo is in isolation for COVID-19 protocols, so Boomer Esiason stepped in on short notice to do the color commentary in the Rams-Cardinals game.

    Coming out of a commercial break, Jim Nantz said, “The story of the game is fill-in quarterbacks. Streveler for Murray. Wolford for Goff. Esiason for Romo.”

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