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  1. Iggy Pop writing a review of Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire sounds like a joke, but assuming this excerpt is real, I’m actually kinda interested in reading this review.

    1. There are a few stories like this out there these days. Reply All’s “super tech support” helped a woman find her lost Bitcoin. There are apparently some ways to get ahold of your lost crypto. I’m sure this guy already exhausted those means, though.

  2. This made my Tuesday night.

    Here it is performed live, as a demonstration.

    From the song’s Wikipedia article: “The song and its response have become an iconic part of Australian culture, such that the song may be played by any band anywhere in Australia with the chant sung by whatever crowds are present.”

  3. A guy I follow challenged people not to laugh at this. I lost.

    Two important bit of information here:

    1. I believe Dominion, a company that makes some of the vote counting machines used in some states, has either threatened a huge lawsuit against Newsmax or actually is going ahead with it;

    2. This is revealed in the piece, but someone else mentioned the irony–namely that Newsmax wanted to talk to Liddell about cancel culture. Someone else mentions that one of the anchors leaves because he doesn’t want to be liable. (I don’t know if that’s true, though.)

    1. Dominion and Smartmatic both filed defamation suits for several billion dollars each. Dominion sued the campaign and several news outlets last month; Smartmatic has so far only sued Fox News and some of its broadcasters (including Lou Dobbs whose show was canceled today). The Newsmax anchors ARE avoiding liability here, as the network was forced to retract its statements about fraudulent ballot boxes and voting systems.

      I didn’t laugh, but I chuckled slightly when the guy in the middle got up and left. They both should have, and the director should have cut away when it was clear the interviewee wasn’t going to stop spewing misinformation.

    2. I was watching it again, and I started laughing at the beginning. The first thing the female anchor asks LIndell what happened to his twitter account, and I’m guessing she’s teeing him up to talk about cancel culture. But Lindell starts on his rant about having proof of fraud from the voting machines, and then the male anchor has to cut him (“cancel”) off. To me, that’s super funny. Lindell won’t stop and the “cancelling” continues.

  4. My initial, and honest, reaction to this was positive–it shows or suggests the impact Trump’s speech on the some of the people that stormed the Capitol on January 6.

    But soon after this made me creeped out. This is not a good thing. This also reminds me of reports about the way South Korea used smartphones and apps (and I think they used surveillance cameras) to contact-trace individuals who were around people with the COVID-19. Yes, the goal is commendable and important. But it’s naive to think this technology won’t be misused–by the government, corporations, or other malicious actors.

  5. https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/

    The link is for Warren Sharp’s website. He’s on the NFL Ringer podcasts, but his podcasts is about betting, so I imagine you guys don’t listen to it. I don’t really get the betting part all that much and pretty much ignore it, but his analysis is great. He uses stats mostly to determine how much a team runs a certain play. So for example he said, “Bowles blitzed Mahomes 9.6% of his dropbacks, which is the lowest blitz rate for a Bowles defense in the last five years.” This is what Reid was saying as well. That being said though, Reid might not like Sharp because he prefers passing on first down.

    1. I’ve seen his comments on twitter, and I might have him in my NFL list.

      That being said though, Reid might not like Sharp because he prefers passing on first down.

      What I’m against is treating passing on first, or second on ten, as dogma–that a team should pass way more on in these situations. I don’t think you can generalize like this. If an offense has a really good running game, running quite a bit these situations is justifiable. Additionally, passing too much in these situations can make the offense become too one-dimensional and predictable.

      To me, the analytics guys under-value the run game, based on a misuse of stats (e.g., passing more efficient than running therefore running not so valuable).

  6. I suspect others won’t be interested in this interview with Jack Goldsmith, a Harvard professor and member of Lawfareblog. Goldsmith talks about a book he wrote about his stepfather, Chuck “Chuckie” O’Brien, who was close associate of Jimmy Hoffa. I heard Goldsmith’s comments about the book, mostly in relation to questioning the book that Scorsese used to make The Irishman. I recently watched that film so I was more interested in hearing this interview. I was also curious to learn more about what we know now about Hoffa’s death. In any event, I was tired when I started this clip, and wanted to stop, but had trouble doing so–just because I wanted to hear more. Goldsmith apparently did a lot of research on the history of the mob, the federal government legal and illegal attempts to stop them, and Jimmy Hoffa himself. I learned quite a bit from this interview.

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