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      1. Pretty cool. I liked the parts about Mahomes. The whole thing reminded me of Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball” (more than the “Super Bowl Shuffle” for some reason).

  1. I know you guys have already seen this, probably fifty times. But someone recently reminded me of it and I watched it again and I’m just as awed.

    1. I don’t blame you. I was extremely jaded by the dunk contest, resigned to the idea that all the interesting and impressive variations of dunks have basically been exhausted. This duel proved me wrong.

    1. KG is good in this. I heard he was great in the movie “Uncut Gems” with Adam Sandler, though he was playing himself, I believe.

  2. The forever bars from WaPo. This is a longer op-ed about incarceration. The author argues, among other things, that longer sentencing doesn’t really deter crime–it’s the probability that people will get caught. I found the article uncomfortable, but important–important to remind me that people in prison are human beings, children of God, and that’s important to remember.

    1. OK, I’m dumb–I don’t get it. The situation is that the spread would cover the game–until the players mess it up for no good reason, right? What was the funny thing about the second one? Buchler’s no look tap in?

  3. Yeah but it’s not like the players do it on purpose or even know what the spread is, which to me, would then make it less funny.

    But the fact is that the guy thinking for sure he going to win the bet (if he bet on the Wolves), until Rodman makes a three for no good reason. Then the Timberwolf guy scores, so he probably thinking, okay for sure now I’m going to win. Then Rodman tries another three. What you doing? Then Buchler tapped it in. That’s funny. One part of funny is the unexpected. The fact that Rodman likes to shoot threes at the end of game can be unexpected, but that he makes one, and then shoots another with almost no time on the clock is just insane. Add the no look tap in and it’s great. It wouldn’t be on SportsCenter if it wasn’t, although it’s a regular segment on SVP’s SportsCenter.

    1. …What you doing? Then Buchler tapped it in. That’s funny….

      Hahaha. OK, I get it now. I guess I needed to actually see and hear the reaction from the guy getting screwed.

    2. Dan Le Batard asked Pete Rose for his worst bad beat as a gambler. Which is the kind of interview question of a guy like Pete Rose this world needs more of.

      Rose said he was betting on horses, and had a good chunk of money on a longshot at some track in Ohio. His horse had a comfy lead coming into the near turn (just before the homestretch) when a deer leapt the fence and got onto the track, getting in the horse’s way and causing him to veer. Apparently there was a woods on the other side of the track. The other horses raced past and Pete’s horse didn’t finish in the money.

      Rose says there’s a fence there now, separating the woods from the track.

  4. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched and enjoyed a music video. Here’s one I watched a few times. I like the main guy in this.

    Also, Mechanical Masters, look out.

  5. I thought this was funny. It’s a little funnier if you’ve seen the Godfather cast reunion that Baldwin talks about (because what he’s saying is kinda true).

    1. Thanks… I listened to it. I keep hearing a lot of what was said on the podcasts and that Dallas always wants to sign guys to longer contracts (5 years) and Dak doesn’t want to sign a long contract because it could reduce how much he can get in the future. The two parties doesn’t seem to be that far apart in terms of dollars.

      1. No, and Dak seems to be betting on himself. Waiting until the QB salaries go way up when Mahomes and others get extended so he can sign for more. It’s understandable.

  6. Carl Reiner died today.

    Here’s a pretty cool story.

  7. I got a good chuckle out of a response to the tweet below. I think you guys might like the response–especially MItchell. The first tweet:

    (1/100th? What was he actually trying to say here?) A response/comment:

  8. There will be a re-air of “Eagles Live from the Forum” today (6/13/20) on ESPN at 3pm HST. This is footage from a three day concert back in 2018. I really enjoyed it. Vince Gill is on the Eagles and he sang many of Glenn Frey’s songs. Gill is good, but his voice is not quite as distinctive as Frey’s. Also Glenn Frey’s son is on the band and sang a couple of his father’s songs too. He sounded closer to his father.

    In the concert Joe Walsh played this guitar distortion in his mouth. I don’t remember seeing that before. I looked it up and it’s called a talk box. I think Henley sang one of his own songs.

    The airing is pretty long, but I thought it was worth it. I guess this is more for Mitchell since Reid doesn’t have cable.

    1. In the concert Joe Walsh played this guitar distortion in his mouth. I don’t remember seeing that before. I looked it up and it’s called a talk box.

      I want to say Peter Frampton made this famous, but I could be wrong. Also, Roger (“So Ruff So Tough” etc.).

      It’s interesting that you like this without Frey–and that it held your attention, even if it’s really long. This makes me interested in seeing it. (Why was it on ESPN?)

      1. Talk box or Vocoder (that’s a brand name). It’s also used in Ozzy Osbourne’s “Miracle Man,” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” You probably know it from the Ozzy song.

      2. I saw parts of the Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour a few years ago. Obviously it was a taping of a concert years prior from when I saw it. Frey was on there, but I enjoyed this show better. But there are many factors, like the quarantine and the production of the TV show. I remember the Hell Freezes Over taping could have been from 1975 the way it looked. I also like seeing Vince Gill and really liked Frey’s son. Gill is definitely different from Frey, but he has a smooth tone, which maybe is not as good, but in and of itself was good to listen to. Plus seeing all these old guys still harmonize and pretty much “still got it”, was pleasing.

    2. I don’t have cable either. 🙂 I watch TV via over-the-air digital, and ESPN’s not available this way.

      1. I was sort of thinking of “cutting the cord” as well, and getting Netflix or something. When you say over-the-air digital is that streaming? If yes I assume it’s free. Do you need an app? And do you get live TV of the major networks? Any info would be appreciated.

      2. I have kind of a messed-up situation I don’t want to get into the details about, but although I have internet access at home, it’s not an unlimited data situation. I pay a certain amount each month for a certain amount of data, like how most cell phone plans work now. Because of this, I don’t stream stuff through my internet connection — I need all that data for my daily internet use plus work needs. It’s a temporary setup but I’m stuck with it for a while.

        I do have an unlimited data plan on my phone, though, which streams pretty well. So I stream content through my phone all the time, but that’s on a pay-by-service arrangement. I’m paying for Spotify, the Criterion Collection, Hulu (which is part of my Spotify plan), MLB, and Amazon Prime. If we get a football season I may add something else.

        When the U.S. TV broadcasting standard went to all-digital, local station switched to broadcasting over the air via digital as well. You don’t need cable or an internet connection to receive the signal — you just need an antenna that will receive the signals over the air. They sell them at places that sell electronic stuff, like at Walmart or Target. Your TV might not need a plug-in antenna if you live in an area with good reception.

        You get the local stations, and I imagine where you live you’d get them better than I do. Plus a lot of other tiny stations I don’t know the stories behind.

    3. I just listened to some youtube clips of Vince Gill singing with the Eagles. Man, he sounded really good. And this was with a bad recording.

        1. I thought that was just OK, especially compared to Gill. I’m pretty surprised at how good he sounds with them.

  9. Brother was challenged, and did quite well. Impressive and pretty funny.

  10. There was one of those boat parades for Trump today and apparently there were some accident that caused a few boats to sink. Thankfully, I don’t think anyone got hurt. Here’s some testimony that I recommend watching:

    At first I thought this was real, but I’m pretty sure it’s a parody account. Because I watched it assuming it was real person, the punchlines caught me off guard, and made me laugh harder than I would have had I know this was a parody account. I hope you guys watched it in the same way.

    Oh, some anti-Trumpers didn’t realize this was a parody and responded as you would expect. Andy Kaufmann must be smiling.

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