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  1. I’m not sure how much you guys would be interested in the article below, but I found it fascinating. Initially, I wasn’t very interested in the subject, but I finally read the article, and found it very stimulating. The thread below gives some highlights.

    The way our culture and society seems to have de-coupled sex and marriage–i.e., marriage isn’t necessarily the ideal context for sex–is one area that would be interesting to explore.

  2. Two things I wanted to comment on:

    Ying Zhu, a professor of media culture at the College of Staten Island at the City University of New York, worries China’s growing market power is giving the Communist Party too much leverage over Hollywood.

    “The Chinese censors can act as world film police on how China can be depicted, how China’s government can be depicted, in Hollywood films,” she says. “Therefore, films critical of the Chinese government will be absolutely taboo.”

    At one point does Hollywood become complicit in promoting and even creating Chinese propaganda? At some point, I can imagine Hollywood would have to choose between profits or patriotism. I’m afraid profits might win out.

    Green’s company, Apex, estimates the China movie market will surpass North America as the world’s largest within a few years. So, some filmmakers are adding scenes — at times clumsily — to appeal to Chinese audiences.

    This is a less serious issue, but I’ve already seen this. The Asian character in The Last Jedi and the subplot around her seems like an example of this. I’m interested in seeing more Asian characters, especially in American movies, but I’m not keen on including them for the purposes of appealing to Chinese audiences.

  3. I’ve been listening to The Daily, a New York Times podcast. I guess you could say the podcast takes one current events news item and digs a bit deeper. I liked this one about the way Trump got rich. At least two Times journalists spent about a year looking at tax forms from older tax forms from Trump and his father (I believe). Read and judge for yourselves if Trump was a great businessman.

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