Why Americans Should Care About the Current Rules-Based International System

Today, Veteran’s Day, I came across the twitter thread below, which I thought was apropos. The thread does an overview of WWI, and how it lead to WWII. What’s important in my view is that an international system based on the rule of law versus the rule of the jungle has been the key to peace. An international system characterized by the rule of the jungle–where might makes right–likely leads to war and military conflict–one that we should assume would involve the U.S. (Ludes lists the number of people that died in both wars, breaking them down by country.)

I hope you take the time to read the thread. It’s fitting for our current politics and also fitting for a day when we should reflect on those who gave their lives to serve their country.

Is LeBron Better Than Jordan Because LeBron Faced Tougher Competition?

(Note: This is an older post that I never completed until recently.)

The clip below features Colin Cowherd rebutting the claim that Michael Jordan faced tougher competition than LeBron. Before I say anything else, I’m wondering if you guys agree or disagree with this. I disagree with Cowherd, and I want to address, or more like attempt to rebut, Cowherd’s argument. I’ll do that after the clip.

Let’s begin with a short version of my rebuttal–namely Continue reading “Is LeBron Better Than Jordan Because LeBron Faced Tougher Competition?”