Trump: Russia Investigation (3)

Trump: Russia Investigation (1)
Trump: Russia Investigation (2)

Uh oh. Not feeling good about this.

Or this (Note: I didn’t read the article–I’m reacting to the tweet.)


I agree.


I don’t think this is hyperbolic or snarky. Americans may not want to accept the idea that we have a POTUS who is governing like an authoritarian, but the reality is that there is too much evidence to dismiss this notion. President Trump doesn’t not respect the rule of law, separation of powers, or the U.S. Constitution, and evidence suggests he would undermine the Constitution to protect and empower himself. If we’re not in a Constitutional crisis, we have taken another significant step in that direction.







Here’s the second part of Trump’s tweet:

More from Trump:

I really wish the network news would really do a thorough analysis of all the claims Trump makes and lays out it for Americans to see. I really think this would clearly show that these tweets are reckless, irresponsible, lacking in credibility, and maybe even unhinged.

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