Whose Jump Shot Would You Want to Have?

Since Mitchell isn’t a big basketball fan, I’ll also include the pitcher you’d want to throw like. By the way, I guess you can answer the question however you want, but I’m thinking about aesthetics just as much as effectiveness. For example, Jamaal Wilkes was a pretty good shooter, but I really wouldn’t want me jump shot to look like his. Bird’s jumper didn’t look that great, either. OK, here are some shooters off the top of my head:

Ray Allen (That might be the ball game right there.)
Walter Davis
Mark Price
Jeff Hornacek
Isiah Thomas
Eddie Johnson (He was a machine.)
World B. Free (OK, not nice looking, but kinda cool–especially if you factor in the leg kick.)

2 thoughts on “Whose Jump Shot Would You Want to Have?

  1. Bird’s shot esthetically is not great, but mechanically looks sound. I’m almost gotten to the point where if I see Klay Thompson get an open shot, I never think he will miss it. He also has a great looking shot. I also like Mark Price’s shot, but I don’t remember being as confident in his shot going in as I would a Steve Nash.

    I think instead of pitching, hitting would be better. I didn’t think Will Clark swing looked nice (He had a weird stance maybe?), but it was super smooth and effortless. Junior’s swing was nice and smooth and effortless. Bond’s swing was pretty unreal too. But mechanically I think I would choose a guy like Altuve, because it’s short and powerful, but that could just be how it looks, because Altuve is 5’6”.

  2. Thompson’s shot looks solid, but for whatever reason, he’s not someone that comes to mind.

    Speaking of the aesthetics of Bird’s shot, what about the ugliest looking jumpers? Michael Adams, with his shot-put style has to be up there.

    I think instead of pitching, hitting would be better.

    Yeah, I think you’re right. And Clark and Jr. would have been the first two that came to my mind.

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