The Worst Super Bowl Teams

What are the worst teams to make it to the Super Bowl, whether they won or lost? Let’s start from 1980. Off the top of my head, these are some of the teams that come up:

Titans (Titans-Rams)
Bears (Bears-Colts)
Giants (Giants-Bills)

Next tier:
Broncos (one or all of the 80s teams)
Chargers (Chargers-Niners)
Patriots (Patriots-Rams)
Panthers (Panthers-Patriots)
Patriots (Panthers-Patriots)
Giants (Giants-Ravens)
Dolphins (Dolphins-Redksins–I can barely remember this team, though)
Raiders (Raiders-Bucs)
Giants (Giants-Patriots, first meeting)
Seahawks (Seahawks-Steelers)

Some of the teams in this second tier might be questionable.

By the way, who are the worst teams to have won?

I’d say Giants (Bills), Patriots (Rams), and Ravens (Giants).

2 thoughts on “The Worst Super Bowl Teams

  1. I guess the L.A. Rams losing to the Steelers in 1980 doesn’t count because it was following the 1979 season, but that’s always the first team I think of when this question comes up.

    That Raiders team that lost to the Buccaneers was really good. I know you don’t care for them mostly because you didn’t like the offense, but the defense was terrific and the QB and WRs were fun to watch. I liked Charlie Garner as an RB. The Raiders had three Hall-of-Famers (and one future: Charles Woodson isn’t eligible yet, which when you think about it is crazy). The Buccaneers had two (and one future, if you think Ronde Barber is going in).

    It was a crappy game and the Raiders played terribly, but I still like that team. The team the year before, when they got knocked out in the Tuck Rule Game, was better. Gr!

  2. That LA Rams team (v. Steelers) might make it in there, too, but I don’t have a strong sense of how good they were.

    I think I might concede about the Raiders (v. Bucs). They might not deserve to be on the list.

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