Examples of Art and Design You Like

One of the reasons I like following former Michiko Kakutani, former New York Times book critic, on twitter is that she frequently posts good artwork. I liked to use the following thread to post artwork and examples of design that we like. Here’s one to start. This is from the title cards from the opening credits of the HBO TV show, Treme. Treme takes place in post-Katrina New Orleans, and the background to the title credits are basically images of water stained, moldy, damaged walls.

15 thoughts on “Examples of Art and Design You Like

  1. Whoa. Okay, sorry I wasn’t clear about this before, and sorry I didn’t have the mechanism (for comments) in place yet with this site revamp, but we do not link directly to images hosted on other sites. It’s a huge breach of netiquette. Basically, every time a post loads with an image taken directly from someone else’s site, we’re using the other site’s bandwidth, and while that’s a negligible amount of data for a little site like ours, it’s still suuuuper uncool.

    For placing images in posts (like yours), when you’re composing the post, click “add media” from the button bar at the top of the editing window. If you are logged in to VI, you can upload images right from your computer (or phone or tablet). So for the image you shared here, download the image first from the host site, then upload it to VI’s server with that “add media” button. After you’ve uploaded the image, some options will pop up in a right sidebar, including “insert into post.”

    I’ve already edited your post using this method, but feel free to try it for practice.

    To leave images in comments, I’ve added an updated version of the plugin that let us do it before, and this works a lot better. As you’re typing in a comment, you’ll see “select an image for your comment” beneath the comment window, with the familiar “choose files” button, which works like other websites you’ve used. Again, the image has to first be on your computer (or phone or tablet). Clicking “choose files” will let you upload, and it will insert the image in your comment. I just did a test run with an image from ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat and it worked unexpectedly well.

    Please let me know if you have questions or problems.

  2. Shoot, I didn’t realize you edited the image, and I deleted it already. Anyway, sorry about posting the image. I’ll try to do so using the proper method from now on.

  3. The nice thing is that even though you edited the post, the image was still in our image library from when I uploaded it earlier. So I just put it back in your post.

  4. Oh, one more thing. My web server has a weird caching issue that I’ve been unable to solve. Sometimes when you try to upload photos, it doesn’t work. If that happens, let me know, and I’ll reboot the sever, which clears the cache of temporary files and lets us upload correctly. For future reference.

  5. When you see a photo you want to download, right-click it (if you’re on a PC; if you’re on a Mac, ctrl-click or apple-click; I can’t remember which) (if you’re on a tablet or smartphone, touch and hold, then choose “save photo”). You’ll get a pop-up menu. Choose “save image as” and tell it where to put the image. I usually just put it on my desktop since once I upload it, since I’m probably going to delete it anyway.

    This is useful stuff! You can fill in all the missing artwork in your iTunes, although I’m guessing you don’t care about that if you haven’t asked already. You can change the desktop wallpaper on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can make your slide presentations more interesting. You can save interesting stuff in one place so you don’t have to look for it all over the web. You should just do it now so you know how to do it. Your son probably already does.

  6. The message I get is, “save image as.” That’s the one, right?

    I do care about the doing this for itunes, but, in the past, I just copied the image and pasted it in itunes. (I recently tried this and it didn’t work, so I’ll try the method you described above. Thanks!)

  7. It is a great cover, despite not including the VH logo. It says a lot about the band’s identity (as Edward’s band), and that guitar design is iconic even though he didn’t play that instrument for very long. It’s really a fitting jacket design.

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