Restaurants Thread (2018-)

Thread about Restaurants in Hawai’i.

I heard Cafe Laufer is closing, which is a bummer. But Mitchell said they’re moving downtown, so that’s good news. I also heard that Agnes’s Bakery closed as well, which caught me off guard. Just when I my enjoyment of their malasadas starting growing, they close down. 🙁

On another note, this is an interesting concept, that looks good:

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  1. What I said was that the chef-owner already had plans for a new place Downtown. I have no idea if they were plans for a similar eatery or if this is something completely new.

  2. I took that to mean a new physical space, not a new restaurant. I read something recently that made it sound like the restaurant will be completely different. Bummer.

  3. Do you guys know that the guy who ran the food truck near Damien is the new owner of New Diner’s? He brought his menu over there. So they have the old New Diner’s menu and a new New Diner’s menu. Some of my friends have shared photos and they look great. I tried to eat there last weekend, but if the guy isn’t in, you can’t order off the new menu. Annoying, but whatever. Just thought I’d pass it along in case you didn’t know. I guess I’ve known about it for quite a while but never thought to actually check it out.

  4. I heard about that. The food truck looked pretty good, but the menu seemed limited. For example, unless you wanted a cheap steak, there didn’t seem much that interested me.

    Was the New Diner’s menu interesting (before the guy took over)?

  5. Well. It was basically the old Diner’s menu until Sorabol bought it, which kind of refined it a little (actually, just added to it). But the new guy has a whole separate menu in addition to the old old stuff. It looks (by names, anyway) like stuff you’d see at Kakaako Kitchen or Kahai Street, at least upon first glance.

  6. What you said intrigued me, so I went to check out the menu and pictures at yelp. To me, the main thing that stood out was the steak. Then again, is the quality of the regular items the same as the old diners? (If so, I wouldn’t be that interested.)

  7. If the quality of the regular items is the same as before, but the quality of the new menu items is fantastic, you’re still not that interested? That’s an interesting position.

    I did try to order a steak the one time I went and was denied. A friend posted a nice photo of the surf and turf with a side of ahi katsu, which kind of inspired the trip.

    I was annoyed, and I’m not in a hurry to go back now that I know I can’t necessarily order what’s on the menu. But if I do I’ll let you know what I think.

  8. If the quality of the regular items is the same as before, but the quality of the new menu items is fantastic, you’re still not that interested?

    If I’m only really interested in one of the new menu items, does that seem less confusing? I guess if the other items were among the best of its kind, I’d be interested, but I haven’t read anything that gives me that impression. Plus, in general, the stuff on the new menu is either too pricey or too heavy for something I’d want to eat on a regular basis.

    I did try to order a steak the one time I went and was denied.

    Because the new owner wasn’t there? If so, that is super annoying and lame. I’d be hesitant to go back, too. What the heck?

  9. Gyu-kaku has a $35 all-you-can-eat deal. The quality of meats they offered (limited selection) was really good, far better than other yakiniku/Korean bbq places I’ve been to recently (e.g., Gen, Yakiniku Shillawon, Camellia). Granted, Gen and Camellia are significantly cheaper, but I wouldn’t want to go back there, and I would want to go back to Gyu-kaku. There are also appetizers, vegetables and ice cream or smores options. The dipping sauces were also good, especially the yuzu. What I liked was how the sauce didn’t overpower the meat.

  10. I’ve been walking past Restaurant Do-Ne for a couple of years. It’s on Kalakaua sorta near Frog House, if you’re familiar with that little stretch of stores between Kapiolani and King.

    Finally walked past when there was no wait for a table, so that’s where I dined. The menu looks good, authentically Japanese. I kinda didn’t want to order my old standby, katsudon, but honestly it was the thing that most appealed to me, so I had the katsudon set (with miso soup and a few tsukemono things and a green salad). I also ordered the sashimi of the day, which was maguro.

    The waitresses all spoke Japanese and all had Japanese accents when speaking in English, so you know I was already kind of won over.

    It was good. Solid. Katsudon set $13; sashimi of the day $10.

  11. Seems like a pretty decent deal, but what I really want to know–have you ever eaten at the Frog House? That place has been them forever, it seems like, and I have to believe they must be decent at least.

  12. Laufer has reopened with the same ownership in the same spot with a new name: Kaimuki Cafe. Same menu, but lower prices.

  13. Limon (Ka Makana Ali’i Shopping Center, Kapolei)

    This is a new South American (Peruvian?) restaurant. We tried the paella and a fried fish (sole) dish. The latter was really good. The batter wasn’t heavy or oily, and was a pretty good size. It also came with some seafood (calamari, shrimp) in a tomato-based sauce, and some rice ($22).

    The paella tasted like rice pilaf with seafood. I wouldn’t get this again.

  14. Wait, you went to Limon and didn’t get the chicken? I thought they were known for their chicken. But how good can rotisserie chicken be right?

  15. But how good can rotisserie chicken be right?

    Relative to Sam’s and Costco–yes, that was my thought exactly. Larri’s friend tried, but we couldn’t get feedback from her, so I went with something else.

  16. Sam’s and Costco chicken is terrific, but the price is a factor. Is either better than a real huli-huli chicken with huli-huli sauce right off the flames? I say no. And I would totally order that in a restaurant.

  17. The key question is, is the Limon’s chicken significantly better? Worth paying more for? I might like huli-huli chicken more than Sam’s/Costco, but if I had to pay $9 for it, I don’t think that would be worth it.

  18. I went to Baikohken in Waikiki Yokocho. It was my second visit to Yokocho. I went to Bario a few months ago (photo later).

    I had miso ramen with extra bean sprouts and gyoza.

    The broth was good but not awesome. I added a few splashes of vinegar and it was much better. The charsiu was good but not great.

    So, kinda pricey ($16 or so for ramen; $8 for gyoza). Not really worth it but I don’t regret anything. I feel there must be awesome things in Yokocho but I haven’t discovered them yet.

  19. Did you write about Bario? I don’t remember what you thought of. I thought it was pretty good, but Don seems to think it was much better than that. You’ll be the tie-breaker.

  20. Pioneer Saloon

    I finally tried this place (or maybe I tried it once, when it first opened, but I doubt it). I kinda liked it, and I like their menu, although the value (cost relative to portion) seems a bit iffy. (I’m kinda surprised that Don likes this place.)

    I tried to the spicy ahi (tataki-ish style). Also, got a spicy, garlic steak and chicken katsu. The food was well-made. I’d go back and try other items. (They have a fairly extensive menu.)

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