3 thoughts on “2022-2023 NFL Week 9

  1. In the early part of the season, the Seahawks defense was awful, literally unwatchable for me. But since week 6, the defense has turned things around. What’s more exciting is the emergence of the rookies and younger players. Depending on the way the rookies develop, this could be one of the best drafts ever.

    In any event, the Seahwawks have been improving to the point where making the playoffs doesn’t seem so far-fetched. It’s exciting to think about this, but I still think that having a poor record is better in the long run. If the rookies and younger players take big strides, the current roster could be good enough to win a Super Bowl (assuming Geno is a Super Bowl QB). Two players becoming top three at their position, two becoming right outside the top tier of their positions, and maybe a couple developing into solid starters or backups. (Here, I’m also including younger players they drafted in the previous two seasons.) There’s no guarantee this would happen, but this would be optimistic, yet realistic scenario. With Metcalf, Lockett, and Smith, on offense, and Adams and Diggs, on defense, I could see this being a good-to-very-good roster–one that can take them to the Super Bowl.

    But they might not have the best roster–one that could lead to the best team in the league. With a great draft position that could happen–especially if Denver has a poor record. Let’s just look at the defense. Assuming Adams comes back healthy and Woolen develops into a lockdown CB and the other CBs are at least solid, this group could be the best secondary in the league, especially coached by Carroll. Now, if they add one really good D-linemen, maybe add some depth there, too–this could be the type of roster that approaches the Legion of Boom territory. (Jordyn Brooks seems solid at LB, and I kind of wish they could upgrade the other LB spot.)

    On offense, if the two rookie tackles this year become top ten type of tackles, adding a really good interior lineman could turn this into one of the best OLs in the league. I’m pretty confident with such OL, and with Kenneth, they could have a great rushing attack. Add DK, Lockett, and the TEs–and the offense could be really hard to stop.

    (None of this matters if Geno doesn’t have the critical attributes to win a Super Bowl.)

    The thing is, this would be a pretty young team, with a lot of players on rookie contracts.

  2. Packers@Lions

    Erin Andrews: “He (Aaron Rodgers) told us, flat out, this week: ‘I want to go down swinging. I want to throw the ball. In order to win, we have to push the ball downfield.'” (or something to that effect) That’s the lesson the lesson he took from the Bills game? I think this mentality is one reason they’re not doing as well–especially if defenses are daring the Packers to run all game.

    I think Russ is “infected” with the same type of mentality, and it’s what’s causing him problems as well.

    Having said that, the Packers don’t have great pass catchers–they’re missing a true WR1. If Davante Adams was still on the team, the Packers could be rolling.

    On the other hand, with Adams, maybe the smart thing to do is become a more run-based offense. But I could never imagine Rodgers being content to throw under 30 times a game. Baktiari reportedly told the team that they shouldn’t waste a Hall of Fame QB’s career or something like that. That’s just enabling, making the problem worse.


    On one hand, I want to say this was Geno’s worse game. Not only did he have a pick six, but he should have had another INT. I’m starting to have doubts about him, and it’s not just from this game.

    On the other hand, Geno really did a good job of bouncing back after that pick 6. Their next two possessions were like 16 minute time of possessions totally 26 plays. When the Hawks got the ball with under 4:00 minutes, the Hawks moved the ball down the field, scoring a TD, against a Cardinal defense that looked broken.

    On the Cardinal offense, I think their OL isn’t very good (they have injured players). And to me that’s the story of their offense.


    Speaking of mediocre OL play, that description fits the Rams and Bucs OLs. They can’t run block very well (although, to be fair, both teams don’t seem to have good RBs), and they can’t pass protect long enough to throw the ball downfield. Both offense had to rely on short passing game.

    Additionally, the accuracy of both QBs looked shaky. Stafford is either hurt or old and broken down. We know Brady is old, and I think that’s reflected in some of his throws.

    It was a game of anemic offenses. I’m glad that the Bucs won, though.

  3. Dolphins@Bears

    The Waddle and Hill look like one of the all-time best WR tandems right now. Most of the time Tua looks good. But the handful of times he doesn’t really stands out. Today, there were two plays that really stood out–both to convert on 3rd/4th, in rather big moments. Tua just threw really bad passes–twice! In a similar situation, good QBs would not miss as bad as he did.

    What’s weird is that I thought I heard McDaniel say that Tua was one of the most accurate QBs he’s seen (or maybe he didn’t say it?). It’s one thing to have limited arm strength, but if that’s the case, the accuracy has got to be there. And again, it’s there 90% of the time. But when it’s not there, it seems kinda bad.


    What really stood out: the way the Titans four D-linemen consistently generated pressure. And they seemed to contain the run game. That was impressive. (I only watched highlights to about half way through the 3rd quarter, though.)

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