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  1. Mahomes and Herbert are the Dominique Wilkinses of the NFL. So Reid should have seen all he needed to see in the highlights. There was Mahomes with his three quarter arm angle pass to Mckinnon on the run. And the step up into the pocket off one leg strike to Watson for the TD. And Herbert’s fourth down dart with almost broken ribs to Carter. And the touchdown strike to Palmer shortly after was pretty nice as well.

    1. Both were impressive, based on the highlights. Still, I just don’t feel comfortable offering an opinion based on highlights. Just based on the highlights, they look like among the two best QBs. (The Gilbert throw to the post, after breaking his ribs, was really nice.)

  2. Tua:
    I think for the first six quarters of this season (last game and the first half against the Ravens), we seen a conservative Dolphin offense. There was a lot of underneath stuffs to receivers. Part of that could be Tua’s decision making as well as game planning. The second half against the Ravens showed what a somewhat aggressive offense can be with Tua throwing the ball down the field some. Don’t get me wrong, I like the game plan of Tua spreading the field horizontally, because getting Tyreek (and Waddle) the ball as much and as easily as possible seems like a good idea. I think they just need to open it up down the field more to get more space underneath. Tua looked “good enough” with those weapons in this game. However, I heard that the Ravens are hurting in terms of defensive backs with Marcus Peters playing his first game in a year.

    1. I’ve only seen highlights so I can’t comment on the nature of the Dolphin offense, but I I agree with the idea that the Dolphins still have to get the ball downfield, on occasion, even if they prefer spreading the field horizontally.

      In general, executing the short-passing game or even a rushing attack will be incredibly difficult without a deep threat. (I think this is what Seattle is going through.)

  3. You called him Gilbert again. What a weird tic this is.

    The Baltimore defense is not good, but it doesn’t look hopeless to me. I think with some coaching, which the Ravens always seem to have, it can at least be average, and I think an average defense is all this team needs for a deep playoffs run. The Ravens are still my second-favorite AFC team to go to the Super Bowl.

    The thing about Tua’s second half Sunday is that he underthrew both those long, late TDs to Tyreek. Which I imagine is easy to do with a receiver like that. But he underthrew them both in places where his guy could get them. Was this accidental? ‘Cause I think any NFL QB can accidentally do this. Or was it knowing his arm and knowing his guy? Because if that’s the case, it’s pretty smart playing and it bodes well for the Dolphins, who appear to have two wide receivers who can make up for whatever Tua’s shortcomings are.

    Both times I saw the Cardinals, they didn’t look like a bad team — they looked like a team that hasn’t practiced together much. Which, since they have practiced together much, I suppose means very bad things. On the other hand, if they have talent but haven’t figured out what to do with it yet, it can mean very good things once they figure it out. I still think they could be very competitive in this division, but not with Kyler playing the way he had to Sunday. Yikes.

    1. EDIT: I just remembered Ken Stabler saying he accidentally underthrew Cliff Branch all the time, and it worked out pretty well for the Raiders, so maybe Tua doesn’t have to be intentionally putting it in these places. Maybe he has receivers who can just make him look good.

    2. You called him Gilbert again. What a weird tic this is.

      Dang. I had to look up his name just now, and I also couldn’t remember his first name. I’m getting old. I think I may be avoiding “Herbert” because it’s too close to “Hebert,” as in Bobby Hebert. But that doesn’t really explain why I go with “Gilbert.”

      The thing about Tua’s second half Sunday is that he underthrew both those long, late TDs to Tyreek.

      Yeah, I saw this. Unfortunately, I don’t think it was intentional.

      The Baltimore defense is not good, but it doesn’t look hopeless to me.

      For the past several years, at the start of the season, I keep thinking the defense will be good. They haven’t been really good for a long, long time. Or at least it feels that way.

      On another note, Lamar Jackson looked good in the highlights. And it seemed like they’re going to a more traditional offense. That’s a good sign for him. (I was skeptical he’d evolve into a good pocket QB.)

      1. I’m not suggesting Tua intentionally underthrew Tyreek. I’m suggesting that since he knew he was going to underthrow him, he might have intentionally put it in a place where Tyreek could go get it. It’s a possibility.

    3. Ah OK. I hear what you’re saying. He placed it specific place, based on the fact that he would likely underthrow it. That’s possible, but the limited arm strength is a not a good thing.

  4. Some box score numbers.

    San Diego at KC
    Ekeler 14 carries. Edwards-Helaire 8 carries.
    Kelce and Valdez-Scantling 10 targets each.
    Williams, Everett, Ekeler 10 targets each.
    Ekeler 55 yards receiving, 39 rushing. 94 yards total.
    Chris Jones (KC DT) 2 sacks, 3 tackles for loss, 1 QB hit, 2 passes defended.
    George Karlaftis 1 tackle, 1 pass defended, 1 QB hit.
    QB hits: KC 8, SD 4.
    Both teams: 6 punts.

    Jets at Browns
    Passer ratings: Flacco 110.7, Brissett 98.9.
    Browns carries: Chubb 17, Hunt 13.
    Jets carries: Hall and Carter 7 each.
    Jets targets: Garrett Wilson 14, Tyler Conklin 9.
    Browns targets: Amari 10, Njoku 5.
    Myles: 1 sack, 1 TFL, 2 QB hits.
    Clowney: 1 sack.

    Washington at Detroit
    Man Campbell still looks good for coach of the year.
    Wentz: 99.7 passer rating. Goff: 121.7.
    Lions carries: Jamaal Williams 12, Swift 5.
    Commanders carries: Gibson 14.
    Commanders targets: Samuel 9, McLauren 8, McKissic 7, Dotson and Thomas 5 each.
    Lions targets: Amon-Ra 12, Hockenson 7, Swift 5, Chark 4.
    QB hits: Commanders 10, Lions 11
    Aidan Hutchinson: 3 sacks.

    Buccaneers at Saints
    Passer ratings: Brady 79.3, Winston 55.8.
    Tampa carries: Fournette 24, White 2.
    Saints carries: Ingram 10, Dwayne Washington 4, Taysom 3.
    Tampa targets: Scotty Miller 8, Russell Gage 6, Breshad 5, Evans 4.
    Saints targets: Olave 13, Thomas 9, Juwan Johnson 7, Landry 5. Yeah baby.
    Tampa: Shaquil Barrett 2 sacks, 3 qb hits.
    QB hits: Tampa 9, New Orleans 3.
    Jamil Dean (Tampa CB) 2 INT.

  5. Panthers at Giants
    Passer ratings: Mayfield 74.6, Jones 87.4.
    Rushing: McCaffrey 16 for 102, Saquon 21 for 72.
    Panthers targets: Moore 6, Shi Smith 6, Anderson 5, McCaffrey 5.
    Giants targets: Shepard 10, Richie James 6, David Sills and Saquon 4 each.
    Panthers D: Franki Luvu 4 TFL, Brian Burns 2 sacks 4 QB hits.
    Giants D: Julian Love 1 sack, 2 TFL; Jihad Ward 2 TFL.

    Patriots at Steelers
    Passer ratings: Jones 79.7, Trubisky 73.8.
    Patriots carries: Harris 15, Stevenson 9.
    Steelers carries: Harris 15.
    Patriots targets: Meyers 13, Agholor 6.
    Steelers targets: Johnson 10, Freiermuth 6, Harris 6, Claypool 6.

    Colts at Jaguars
    Passer ratings: Ryan 34.0, Lawrence 121.5.
    Colts carries: Taylor 9, Hines 1
    Jaguars carries: Robinson 23, Etienne 9.
    Colts targets: Ashton Dulin 7, Dezmon Patmon 6, Hines 5.
    Jaguars targets: Engram 8, Kirk 6, Marvin Jones 5.

    Dolphins at Ravens
    QB ratings: Tua 124.1, Lamar 142.6.
    Dolphins carries: Mostert 11, Edmonds 5.
    Ravens carries: Lamar 6, Drake 6, Mike Davis 5.
    Dolphins targets: Waddle 19, Tyreek 13, Gesicki 4.
    Ravens targets: Andrews 11, Bateman 7, Likely 5.

  6. I don’t know if you care to know this, but you can watch the Thursday games on Prime, which I think you have. And if you can’t watch it live, you can enable “recording,” which lets you watch the game later. I’m watching the Steelers-Browns game now, which I already saw the second half of.

    1. I saw some sort of ads for NFL games, but I wasn’t sure if it was live or free to prime members. Thanks for letting me know.

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