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I started watching some UH volleyball, both the men and wahine. I haven’t watched a game for a long, long time. Two guys stand out for me on the men’s side: Rado Parapunov, who seems like Uv, part 2, and Colton Cowell. Cowell is listed as 6′ 1″, but he looks like a libero when he’s standing by his teammates–but the guy is explosive, both in terms of jumping and hitting. He can crank. I feel like I’m watching Karch Kiraly out there.

Regarding the wahine–why aren’t they playing? I wanted to see the frosh setter from Texas. My understanding is that Robin Ah Mow, when she first saw the setter said, “She’s the one I want to see run the offense for the next four years,” or something to that effect. It seems like Ah Mow (and Ljungquist) are doing well as coaches, which is totally awesome to see.

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  1. I only watch when I go to my mom’s house, because I have Youtube TV now, which doesn’t have any local sports. But I think Parapunov might be better than Yuval. It’s not talent, but Yuval was a little short, whereas Parapunov is like 6’9″. Yeah Cowell is amazing, but that frosh Galloway with the bleach top, is even more unbelievable in terms of hops.

    1. How tall was Yuval? 6′ 2″? I feel like he was taller, but no way near 6′ 9″.

      Galloway can get up there, but Cowell just seems so small compared to some of the other players, and not only is his jumping explosive, but his hitting as well.

      I understand UH’s middle-blocker (can’t remember his name) has leads in one or more blocking statistics. That’s pretty cool. Two things I really want for my volleyball team: great passing and great blocking. If you’re team can consistently roof the opponent, I feel like that can be soul-crushing–more so than good hitting.

  2. Hanna Hellvig, Frosh in 2019, won’t be coming back to UH, due to COVID. I’ve been watching some 2019 games, and this totally sucks. She was one of their best hitters–on her way to being a great Wahine. This was a big loss.

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