2021 NCAA Final Four (Men/Women)

Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to watch highlights. The highlights from the Arizona-UConn (women’s) game stood out to me. First, Aari MacDonald looked like Steph Curry, with some quick release and long-range shots. Second, the highlights don’t show Arizona’s defense, but I’m guessing it must have been good–or UConn was missing a lot of open shots or taking a lot of bad ones. I hope I can watch some of the remaining games.

6 thoughts on “2021 NCAA Final Four (Men/Women)

  1. Baylor-Houston (Men)

    The thing that stands out to me is Baylor’s offense–the way the spread the floor, putting two players in the baseline corners. They did a good job of passing as well. It’s an offense I wouldn’t mind learning more about.

  2. Gonzaga-UCLA

    I just saw highlights, but this looked like a heck of a game. Both teams seem to have a lot of talent–good shooters for one thing. Timme seemed really good in the post. Riley, for UCLA, had moments, too.

    Gonzaga-Baylor looks to be a good game.

  3. Stanford-Arizona

    This was an ugly game. I don’t watch a lot of women’s basketball so maybe the game wasn’t that unusual, but it wasn’t a well-played game–on either side. There were times the players looked nervous (particularly on Arizona).

    Also, while I really like watching Aadi Macdonald play, she had a bad game.

  4. Gonzaga-Baylor (men)

    Baylor overwhelmed the Zags–offensively, defensively and on the boards–in the first 7-10 minutes. And they did well in at least one of those areas throughout the rest of the game. (My sense is Baylor rebounded well for most of the game. That guy, Vital, was like Rodman, particularly on the offensive boards.)

    The announcers mentioned that the Zags might have been spent from the UCLA game. It’s possible. I didn’t get that sense right from the start–although Baylor’s athleticism, physicality, and intensity on defense seemed to give the Zags a lot of trouble early on. But offensively, I feel like Baylor was just started hot, making 3s that weren’t necessarily open looks.

    1. You remember Baylor’s coach’s brother Bryce that played for Valpo? He and his father (Valpo’s coach) were tournament darlings long, long ago after Bryce hit that buzzer beater.

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