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  1. 12th Ave. Deli

    Porchetta sandwich
    Porchetta is something that looks and sounds good, but everyone time I’ve tried this, it has disappointed me. The pork is often not moist enough and/or not so flavorful. Unfortunately, this was the case for this sandwich.

    Meatloaf melt
    This is basically a patty melt. Solid.

    BLT (Bacon, lobster, tomato)
    Lobster sandwich with bacon bread. (All the breads are made in house.) To me the lobster didn’t have much flavor. This also came with an avocado spread, which was just OK. The bad thing is that it overpowered the sandwich. I couldn’t really taste any bacon as well.

    french fries
    House made, natural cut. Solid.

    They make their own burrata. The texture was nice, but the flavor is very mild–and maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

  2. Fooki (Pearl Kai)

    I thought I posted this, but I guess not.

    I believe this is a Taiwanese restaurant, known for their beef noodle soup. They also have these beef pancakes, almost like quesadillas, I guess. Quick comments: The broth was good, but we got it spicy. The problem is that they seem to make the broth spicy by dumping in that red chili oil, which makes the soup…well, oily.

    The noodles were just meh. (I also had the won tons which were generic.)

    The beef pancake thing was pretty good, served with a hoisin sauce.

    1. After your comment on oily soup, I went to look at the pictures on Yelp. The beef noodle soup is normally this brownish, gravy-like color, whereas Fooki’s seems to be a little bit more clear (without the chili oil). Was the meat a little tough? I sort of like the beef noodle broth, but normally I don’t care for the meat because it’s sort of tough.

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