2 thoughts on “2020-2021 NFL: Week 14

  1. Colts-Raiders

    The Colts ran over the Raiders, and it was painful to watch. I was actually happy to hear that Gruden fired the DC and Marinelli would be taking over.

    1. Sidenote about the Raiders.

      A Seahawk pundit made the remark that the “flow” between the running and passing game in the Seahawk offense wasn’t good. I think I know what he means by “flow” (and I agree with his comment). It involves the way the offense (via play calling) moves from running to passing, and vice-versa, to attack a defense through the course of a game. I bring this up because I also think Gruden isn’t good at this. What’s interesting is that the Raiders have a good run game and a decent passing game. But when you watch them play, they don’t move back and forth between the two in a good way–well, that’s my impression anyway. And I think this is not something new. I recall feeling the same way when Gruden initially coached with Raiders.

      What makes an offense flow effectively between the two? One quick answer: intelligent use of play action and even draw plays. Also, running and passing out of the same formations and personnel groupings–and doing this frequently, instead of having some formations/groupings mostly for one or the other.

      The offense that has the best flow is the Rams. They’re really excellent in this regard. Over the years, I think the Patriots have consistently been very good at this, too.

      Off the top of my head, the teams that are more at the opposite end of the spectrum: the Steelers, Bills…I’d put the Seahawks in there. (I want to put the Bucs in here, too. They’re kinda like the Raiders in a way.)

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