International Money Laundering Deserves More Attention

In the past, when I heard money laundering, I’d this of organized criminals taking elicit money and finding ways to make secure it and make it usable. But money laundering on the international level, involving authoritarian regimes, the oligarchs and organized criminals within those regimes, finding people in liberal democratic countries to help them launder their money has a national security component as well–at least if my understanding is accurate. These people in Western countries are doing something wrong, if not illegal. This can be used as leverage against them to not only continue the money laundering, but maybe do other things to help the authoritarian regimes. This is obvious if the people assisting with money laundering have political positions, but if they have any position of influence in the society–e.g., legal, media, academic, business, technology, etc.–bad actors can use the leverage with these people to harm the national security and the national interests. At least that’s what it seems like to me. Anyway, I started to this thread because I couldn’t find the other threads or posts that discussed this, and I wanted to post an article on this topic. The article is from Just Security and it’s called, Global Kleptocracy as an American Problem

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  1. I’m unfamiliar with the person that tweeted this, but I’m interested in checking out some of the references he posts in this thread.

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