11 thoughts on “2020-2021 NFL: Week 12

  1. Washington-Cowboys

    When Tony Dungy said that the Cowboys might be better off without Dak, in the early part of this game, you could see what he meant. The Cowboys emphasized the run–and it was a factor. Then you sprinkle in the pass plays, and the offense gets hard to stop.

    The big problem was the turnovers–and the failed 4th down plays, which were essentially like turnovers. The defense seemed to give up or crumble at the end as well, but if you take away those turnovers/failed 4th downs and the team could do damage.

  2. All three Broncos QBs are ruled ineligible to play this weekend because of exposure to someone. Denver’s starting a running back, Royce Freeman, as its emergency QB. Good week for Kendrick to start the Saints D! I’m seeing New Orleans on some websites as the number 2 defense this week.

    1. All three QBs? Holy heck! I thought the Ravens situation was bad. It’s going to be a farce if Freeman is the QB. I admit I might watch this, but it might not be watchable for long.

      1. Someone in my office fantasy league claimed Freeman off waivers. He’s in first place in the league. I dared him to start him at QB. 🙂

        Oh, I’m also playing him this week.

    2. That should make the fantasy games more fun and interesting. We should give you an extra point if Freeman thrown TDs. Hahaha.

  3. Cardinals-Patriots

    Man, that goal line stop at the end of the half by the Patriots was something. 3rd and 4th and goal, maybe a yard out, and the Cardinals went for the TD on both and didn’t get it.

    Cam almost lost this game again, with an INT near the end of the game. But then he made up for it with a huge 3rd and long run–converting to the first down. This basically put them in the position to win it.

    It’s hard not to cheer for the Patriots.


    49ers have the Rams number, like the Rams have the Seahawks number. I’m happy the 49ers won.

  4. Panthers-Vikings

    Wild game. Vikings fumble twice in a row, leading to two defensive TDs. The Vikings muff a punt with about a 2:00 minutes left in the game, down by 3. They hold the Panthers to to FG, making them down by 6. The drive down and score a TD to win it. Cousins made some really good throws in a crumbling pocket. The Vikings were without Thielen, too.

  5. Falcons-Raiders

    The boneheaded plays that the Raiders avoided in the last game showed up in this one. The Raiders defense actually played well the first half at least.

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