7 thoughts on “2020-2021 NFL: Week 10

  1. Colts-Titans

    Up until about the 3rd quarter I thought this might have been one of the best games I’ve seen all year. I was certainly appreciating the play from both teams.

    ST was the story of the game after that. The big turning point came when the Colts, after failing to score on a 4th down on the Titans side, forced the Titans to punt–which was actually a shank, giving the Colts great field position. The Colts scored, and the on the next possession, the Colts blocked a punt, leading to a TD. Then the Titans missed a FG and that was all she wrote.

    In terms of offense and defense, the Titans matched up well with the Colts and played then even, even though the Colts probably have a better defense, although the Titans likely have a better offense (although the Rivers and the Colts offense played well–no turnovers).

    Both teams can make some noise in the playoffs.

    1. I didn’t watch a whole lot, but Aikman was criticizing Rivers a few times and at least to me, rightfully so. I’m not sure what the issue with Rivers is, but it doesn’t seem physical.

      1. Aikman pointed out a few times that Rivers was waiting too long for a play to develop in a slightly better way, when if he’d thrown to an open receiver earlier he’d have gotten better yardage — in one case an easy TD. He actually complimented Rivers, saying Rivers sees the plays so well he knows how they’re going to develop, but he waits for them sometimes when he should take what he’s got.

        I wasn’t paying a lot of attention but for some reason I found the game super uninteresting.

    2. Yeah, I remember the two plays Mitchell mentioned. But other than that, I thought Rivers was solid, especially if you compare it to some other games. One of the reasons I didn’t have the Colts rated higher is because of his bad play/unreliability.


      Even though I thought this was one of the best games, in terms of performance, I can sort of see how the game would be uninteresting. Except for the plays I mentioned, I don’t think there were any big or spectacular plays.

  2. Seahawks-Rams

    This game was painful to watch, especially watching Wilson. In terms of ball security, this is the worst I’ve ever seen Wilson–in any season. Their defense isn’t great, but they gotta a turnover. Russ turned the ball too often, and the offense is too one-dimensional. It looks like he trying to do too much, and neglecting the run game–and defenses know it.

    I think the Seahawks are in trouble. This is a fork in the road for them, and if they don’t make the turn, their season is in jeopardy, at least in terms of going to the Super Bowl.

    1. Wilson’s first interception was bad for most QBs, but absurd to see it from Wilson. The second INT, at least to my untrained eye, has to be on Olsen. Olsen ran almost a fade route and took his cut at a 45 degree angle instead of a 90 degree angle. That is why the defender could easily jump that route. Now maybe that is what the route is supposed to be, which is why I said, “to my untrained eye”. Add to that the defender made a remarkable play. The fumble had even less to do with Wilson although he could or maybe should have jumped on it.

    2. If this were one game, I might not be so concerned, but this is three games now. Just as an aside, when reporters ask Wilson about if he cares about winning the MVP, he hasn’t downplayed that by saying all he cares about is winning. His answers suggest he cares–and he wants to win it. And it sounds like he rationalizes this by saying that if he wins the MVP, it means the team has done well, which is not inaccurate. Because of comments like this, I can’t help but he’s forcing things, losing focus on winning as a team. It’s hard to say, and hard to watch.

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