Was the Trump-Russia Investigation a Hoax?

Trump and his supporters claim the investigation into his campaign with regard to Russian interference in the 2016 election was a “hoax” and a “witchhunt,” and that there was no collusion. If that is true, then we can assume that they would be OK if Joe Biden and his campaign did the following:

  • “Russia, if you’re listening–if you have recordings or information from Trump’s cell phone, I’m sure the American press would be happy to receive that information.”
  • meet with Russian contacts to get political dirt on Trump or discuss campaign strategy, don’t tell the FBI about this and lie about it to the public;

We can assume that Trump and those who agree with him believe that such actions do not warrant the FBI to investigate, and if they did investigate, that would be a witch hunt.

I’m almost certain Trump and his supporters would not be OK with this, not on a matter of principle, but because it would hurt Trump. For me, I can say such actions by a presidential candidate and his/her campaign, is unacceptable and would be disqualifying. And yes, it constitutes collusion or a level of cooperation with a hostile foreign power that is unacceptable and disqualifying.

2 thoughts on “Was the Trump-Russia Investigation a Hoax?

  1. Repository of those who dismiss Trump-Russia investigation, and make light of Trump and his campaign’s activity with regard to Russia

  2. Thread from David French, a conservative who now writes for The Dispatch

    I’m not sure if you’re noticing, but there’s been a recent shift in the anti-anti-Trump defense of Trump’s deranged behavior from “these lawsuits might have merit” to “hahahaha this is revenge for the ‘Russia hoax’ and impeachment.” This is absurd, for many reasons. /1

    Trump’s defenders constantly want to memory-hole his campaign’s misconduct, but there were real reasons to investigate his campaign. His son, campaign chair, and son-in-law met with a Russian lawyer in the attempt to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. /2

    Trump’s campaign chair, Paul Manafort, was in active, clandestine communication with a Russian agent and provided the agent with internal campaign information. The campaign attempted to use Roger Stone to set up a back-channel communication with Wikileaks, a Russian asset. /3

    Senate intel assessed that Trump spoke with Stone and members of his campaign about those contacts — even as Trump told the special counsel that he did not recall discussing Wikileaks with Stone. /4

    Also, the Trump organization was in talks during the campaign about forging business relationships in Russia, and Trump’s lawyer lied to Congress about those contacts. Moreover, the campaign’s key foreign policy adviser was an unregistered foreign agent for Turkey. /5

    On the impeachment front, the evidence is overwhelming (including from the “perfect” transcript) that Trump attempted to condition vital foreign aid on a desperate ally’s pledge to investigate a political opponent AND an absurd Crowdstrike conspiracy theory. /6

    None of these events justify the Steele Dossier, FISA abuses, or wild speculations about voting machines being hacked, but the Trump team’s conduct was improper and it should have been subject to intense investigation and bipartisan condemnation. /7

    In the months and years after Trump leaves office, there will be an intense effort on the right to whitewash his corruption, and rationalizing or minimizing the events above will be part of that effort. It should not succeed. /8

    By contrast, the current Trump legal effort to overturn the election is built on nothing at all of any consequence. Its lawsuits are frivolous. Its conspiracy theories are nonsense. And even as “revenge” they’re nonsensical. /9

    Delaying the transition doesn’t teach liberal media a lesson, but it may harm national security. Filing clownish lawsuits doesn’t stop Biden, but it does discredit the attorneys and their media apologists and bilk sad and angry Trump supporters out of money. /10

    Revenge? No. It’s a sad and pathetic temper tantrum that hurts no one more than the Trump and his enablers. They’re driving their legal clown car into their own political crowd. /end

    What’s missing: Trump members did not tell the FBI about these contacts, and they lied about having any contacts with Russians.

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