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    Obviously a big game for both teams–not just in terms of the playoff hunt, but an indication of how good these teams actually are. Well, I tend to think will be the case if one team handily beats the other. If the Bills do this, it will go some ways to show they have substance–especially if their offense performs well against the Cowboys defense. (I’m skeptical about that.) The Bills haven’t been tested all that much, and based on what I’ve seen I feel like they’re on similar level as the Colts or maybe the Texans. If the Cowboys dominate that, especially on offense, that will lend legitimacy to how good they are.

    Feels almost like the Super Bowl in the regular season. Like many fans, I will be focused on whether the 49ers defense can slow down the Ravens. offense. I want to see how Jimmy G handles pressure, whether he can deliver and protect the ball. I’d be curious how Jackson performs if he has to pass a lot in obvious passing situations.

    One other thing. The 49ers defense not only has a formidable pass rush, but they seem physical in the back end. If Garappolo can protect the football and make a handful of key throws, and they can run, they are a top contender. (I’m curious to see the physicality of the Ravens defense.)

    This might be a solid game. I’ve heard people say the Rams are terrible. I think they’re far from terrible. The Ravens were just dominant. They’re no where near what they were last year, but they’re still a good team, I think. (I would put them in the Colts, Bills, Texans, (healthy) Eagles group. ) The Cardinals are also much improved. (I think their defense is a little weak, but not awful.)

    If the Raiders play well this could be a decent game. But if they play like last week, this will be unwatchable.

    If the Texans can’t run the ball well and don’t run it enough, they will lose. That is all.

    If both teams play to their potential this should also be an epic game. If both play well, they’re about even–although in that case, I think Wilson and home field gives Seattle the advantage (although the Hawks have played better on the road than at home).

    I just hope the Seahawks defense continues to play as well as they have. If they do, I’ll believe they’ve turned a corner. I also hope Chris Carson doesn’t fumble.

  2. Bills-Cowboys

    Cowboys started strong, but then turned the ball over twice (almost three times). Still they were in it. It was a defensive battle for a while, but the Bills offense just played better than the Cowboys. I think that that’s what it comes down to.

    I’ve been skeptical of Allen and the Bills, but they played well. Allen’s throwing and accuracy was really good. And then he has the ability to run. He looked like a legit starting QB.

    Oh, missed kicks by both teams stood out as well.

    I heard Jerry Jones say that he’s not firing Garrett during the season. If he didn’t say that, I would be wondering if Garrett would get fired after this. If Garrett is really the problem–and someone on the staff is a solid interim HC–Marinelli or Richard, maybe–I would fire Garrett. The Cowboys can still win their division. If the replacement is better that could turn the season around.

    Having said that, if the problem is the owner, I’m not sure this would work.

  3. Power Rankings

    Power Rankings heading into week 13 (Note: This was done after Bills-Cowboys game.)

    Tier 1
    1a. Ravens
    1b. 49ers, Patriots, Saints, Vikings, Seahawks, Bills

    Right now, the Ravens are head and shoulders above everyone else. Their run game is as dominant as I can remember–probably more than the recent Cowboy teams at their best. Their defense has improved dramatically from earlier in the season as well.

    49ers–Their defense can be really physical and dominant, and their run game can be very good. It comes down to Garappolo, specifically his ability to protect the football and make a few key plays.
    Patriots–Their offense can struggle–that’s their weakness.
    Saints–One of the most well-rounded teams. Similar to the Patriots, their offense can be a little sluggish. I think the running game is the key. If their running game performs well, they will be hard to stop.
    Vikings–Their defense has been a little disappointing–good, maybe very good at times, but not dominant. Their OL, especially pass pro can be really brittle. Cousins ability to protect the ball is a concern as well.
    Seahawks–The biggest uncertainty is if their defense has turned the corner. They also need to cut down fumbles. OL has been competent and functional for the most. If they can do all this, they are legitimate contenders.
    Packers–Can they go back to a more balanced approach or will they be one-dimensional? That’s a key question. The other is their defense. They have not looked so good as of late.
    Bills –The way the Bills played today, they look like they could beat any of the team.

    Tier 2
    Cowboys, Chiefs, Texans

    Any of these teams can beat the ones above, but they’ve got to play better. Specifically, the Chiefs and Texans need better running–if the run game comes alive, they could beat the teams above. The Chiefs also need better defense.

    Tier 3

    Colts, Panthers, Eagles Chargers, Rams,

  4. 49ers-Ravens

    I thought this lived up to the hype–two heavyweights, going at it. One of the best games of the season. I’m glad the Niners lost.


    Boneheaded plays that reminded me of the old years that were so painful to watch–Carr’s first INT, the fumble on the return, and an easy INT dropped. After Carr’s second INT, I fast forwarded to the end. Ugh.

  5. Patriots-Texans

    I thought the Texans dominated, or was in control, on both sides of the ball. That’s not too surprising in terms of their defense, but it was surprising in terms of their offense, especially since I didn’t think the Texans were really good running the ball. (They were OK, but not as good as I would expect, if they were to do well against the Pats.)

    If Jacob Martin can play like this consistently, Houston’s trading Clowney might be a good one.

  6. Aside: Just watching some of the reviews for pass interference, I have a strong feeling that we’re headed for great disappointment and frustration during the playoffs. I think the main goal was to have some means to avoid the mistake made in Rams-Saints playoff game last year. That is, to correct an obvious mistake. The problem is that what is obvious is not clear cut. I do think the Saints-Rams call was fairly obvious, but there will be other calls that will seem obvious to some and not-so-obvious to others. In this case, no matter what the officials do, one group will be really frustrated. My sense is that that the more things that will be allowed to be reviewed, the greater the dissatisfaction.

  7. Vikings-Seahawks

    I have a tendency focus on the negative, and there was a bunch tonight for Seattle. Allowing some of the worst things that could happen after getting a 17 point lead in the second half. (Not to mention a turnover that lead directly to a TD earlier in the game.) The game should not have been as close as it was, not after the 17 point lead anyway.

    Once Cook went out of the game, the Vikings seemed like a very different team. If they had Thielen this could have been a much different game.

    At the same time, the Viking defense didn’t look so good–not against the run anyway. They really took away the explosive passing, but the Seahawks ran well and a bit too easily I thought, especially since the Vikings have a good run defense, at least that’s what I thought.

    Seahawks still haven’t played well for an entire game. They’re still turning over the ball too much, too. I feel like they’re getting a little closer to that complete game, though. On the bright side, the OL seemed to play well.

    Side note:

    I don’t know if the Vikings are missing a few pieces on defense–or maybe Zimnmer is not as good a defensive coach as I thought–but they’ve been slipping. It’s been disappointing to see, especially win a good run game now. (If I had to choose, I think they’re missing one or two DBs.)

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this:

    Also, did you guys see the three(!) onside kick recoveries by the Falcons? (One was a redo, but still.) Unreal.

    I think this was the first:

    This is the second:

    This is the third one:

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