Solve the Brewster’s Millions Challenge

Montgomery Brewster could receive a lot of money if he could overcome one challenge–namely, he had to spend $30 million dollars in one month–basically $1 million a day. In the challenge, I believe only a smart percentage could be given away. Additionally, if he bought or did anything of value, the value would be added to the remaining balance. This was from a movie, that most of you know, and maybe the amount would be different now. In any event, I like thinking about ways I would overcome this challenge. How would you solve this challenge?

10 thoughts on “Solve the Brewster’s Millions Challenge

  1. The one idea that appeals to me involves hiring a bunch of my favorite musicians to perform a private concert every day. I would stipulate that they could not record the performances, as this would likely have significant value. (One concern is that someone would make a secret recording.)

    I would also hire great chefs every day to cook meals.

    Another idea involves paying various famous people to do an interview, which wouldn’t be recorded.


    I would rent a space with good acoustics, or maybe I’d read a super expensive house, maybe a private island. I rent good sound system and hire a great sound person. Shoot, just renting an island might use up all the money.

    1. To get it up to $1,000,000 in a day you’d have to rent a LOT of theaters, probably more than exist on this island, and I think to satisfy the terms of the deal, you’d have to be in them all at the same time.

      1. What if you were going for some of the rarest movies one can find? Possible maybe… But my first thought was exactly the same as yours, “that cannot be $1,000,000”.

      2. You’d have to rent them, which probably still wouldn’t be that much. If you buy them they become an asset.

    2. Wait, are you assuming I’m trying to win only by renting theaters? If so, that’s not the case. I could rent and watch movies in the morning, and then at night listen to my favorite musicians play live. Each meal I’d have hire chefs to make something. I’m not sure if this would hit a million a day, but these are just some of things I have in mind.

  2. I would be really tempted to spend the whole thing on a trip to space, although the pricetag is hard to determine. I’ll bet you could adjust the length of your stay (or your number of guests) to fit your budget.

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