Notes on the Serial Podcast, Season 3

Based on the first episode, I get the impression this season will be more informative (in a sociological way) rather than entertaining. The subject itself, the way the criminal justice system typically operates, is also not a very cheerful, especially since a realistic depiction is the goal. Based on the first episode, they’ve seem to have done that. Listening to it made me think of my experiences in courtrooms. What I heard was familiar and not really pleasant. Continue reading “Notes on the Serial Podcast, Season 3”

2018-2019 NFL Super Bowl 53

This might one of the worst Super Bowls for me. I would love to see the Rams lose, but that would mean the Patriots would win. I’d equally love to see the Patriots lose, but that would mean the Rams would win. If there were a way that both teams would lose, I’d be happy. The next best option would be seeing the team that plays good defense and runs well win the game, but would still mean one the team I was rooting against won the game. Continue reading “2018-2019 NFL Super Bowl 53”

Notes on His Excellency by Joseph Ellis

This is a short biography on George Washington. In addition to the fact that I really like Ellis as a writer and historian, Ellis offered something that appealed to me–namely, to provide a reason Washington garnered tremendous respect and admiration from all the other Founding Fathers, even though many were more well educated and intellectually superior. I’m not sure if Ellis provides a clear answer to this question, but here is my sense of the reasons Washington had universal respect from the Founding Fathers. Continue reading “Notes on His Excellency by Joseph Ellis”

2018-2019 NFL Coaching Carousel

The season has ended, and I believe seven teams are looking for coaches: Broncos, Cardinals, Dolphins, Jets, Buccaneers, Browns, and Bengals.

The Packers were another team, but they just filled their spot with Matt LaFleur, the Titans OC. I understand the Buccaneers are set to hire Bruce Arians. The LaFleur hiring has me thinking about the Titans next OC. Two names come to my mind quickly Continue reading “2018-2019 NFL Coaching Carousel”

Restaurants (2019)

I remember Don recommending Cafe 8 1/2 (or something like that), an Italian restaurant in town. They closed before I ever got to try there, but I believe the owner opened a new place called Soffritto on Pauahi Street. Whether the owner is the same, I went to Soffritto’s recently. In addition to Italian food, they also serve Cajun food there. The pictures I saw on yelp made me want to check out the place. Unfortunately, they’re only open for lunch on weekdays. (They were open Saturday nights, and we tried to go recently, but they were closed. When I asked the owner about this, he said he no longer opens on Saturday. He said he’s getting a wood fire oven, though and will open on Saturday evenings in the near future.) I was on vacation so I recently went down for lunch. The verdict? Continue reading “Restaurants (2019)”