2018-2019 NFL: Week 17


3 thoughts on “2018-2019 NFL: Week 17

  1. Packers Interview Jim Caldwell and Chuck Pagano

    I think both are solid coaches. Caldwell might not be a great coach, but I feel like the Lions became a functional football team, moving them away from a woebegone dysfunctional one. (Speaking of which, I think he might be a good candidate for the Browns. Plus, I think his forte is working with QBs. I credit him with really helping Stafford become a QB that could take a team to the Super Bowl.)

    As for Pagano, he seemed like a guy who could do a lot with a little on defense. He seemed like a solid coach overall. I would like to see him outside of Ryan Grigson and Jim Irsay.

    Then again, I thought Mike McCoy was a good head coach and OC, too.

  2. D-Jax and Joe Flacco would probably be too expensive, but I would love to see both on the Jaguars next year. D-Jax would be a good guy to have for the Cowboys, too. I’d be happy with him on the Seahawks, but I would prefer a big WR. Actually, I’d be pretty happy if the Raiders got him, too.

  3. Cardinals-Seahawks

    Here’s my reaction, boiled down to it’s essence: The Seahawk performance was a lot of BS, especially the special teams. This might have been one of the worst ST performances I’ve seen, at least from the Seahawks. Two blocked punts, for starters. The ST has actually performed poorly for the past three games at least–they gave up a TD against the 49ers, a long run against the Chiefs (at a crucial moment in the 4th), Seabass missed two FGs, I could probably mention more. Unless there are injuries, I’m close to the point where Carroll should fire Brian Schneider the ST coach.

    The OL looked like last year’s. However, they were missing two starting guards. What we saw reinforces my impression that the new personnel–Sweezy and Fluker–not Solari and Schottenheimer are the main reasons for the OL improvement. What’s crazy is that they got Sweezy by chance. I think they kinda lucked on Fluker. It just reminds me how bad Schneider and Carroll handled the OL in the previous three years, and maybe they got a little lucky this year. I think Wilson was sacked 6 times.

    The Hawks won, but it sure doesn’t feel like it to me. It may sound weird but I’m having trouble recovering from this victory.

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