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  1. Rams-Seahawks

    Thanks to Marc, I went to the game. I was worried it was going to be a blowout, but it obviously wasn’t. It was fun to be there, even though the results were disappointing.

    Seahawks seemed to finally bring together bombs with a strong running game. What was cool is that on those plays, you could see that Lockett was going to be open before Wilson even threw the pass. I was yelling, “There here is! There he is!” Also, it is really different to watch Wilson scramble in person. It’s even more harrowing, and when he makes at the end of it, it’s even more thrilling. (Here, I’m specifically thinking of his scramble that lead to a TD throw. Watching it on TV it seems less thrilling exciting for some reason.

    The Rams offense is a machine, and Goff is playing well. I’ve said that the Rams OL is doing great, giving Goff a lot of time and confidence. I don’t know if McVay is making the reads easy, but if not, a lot of credit goes to Goff. Several of the throws, he’s looking at the right place, making a good throw–sometimes before the target is open. Being at the game, you can see this happening. Also, there are plays where the play design/play call seems huge–where the Rams will get the ball to a place where there’s a lot of green space for the pass catcher. It reminds of plays that seem to happen a lot with the Patriots. In second half, I felt like the Seahawks defense needed to get another turnover to win the game, because the Rams offense is that good.

    What’s important to remember is that the Rams at one point lost Cooper Kupp and Bradin Cooks, but they were still effective.

    I still think that this doesn’t work if the OL isn’t playing well. However, I have a feeling that the variations in tempo and other coaching may be helping the OL as well. Besides the fact that the Rams don’t emphasize the run a lot, this is my type of offense–with the heavy reliance on play action, and using constraint plays like jet sweeps or traditional end-a-rounds. Basically, it’s about getting the defense guessing and off balance, and McVay does a really good job of that. The additional wrinkle seems to be the varying of tempo and no-huddle/huddle

    1. This is the scramble play I referenced above.

      I guess some may be impressed by simply watching this clip, but it doesn’t capture the thrill and anxiety that I felt watching this live. My friend and I both said, “Whoaaaa, (get rid of it)”

  2. Jaguars-Chiefs

    Jaguars defense did a decent job for most of the game, holding KC to a few fieldgoals and even getting two INTs. After the first INT, the Jags gave the ball right back off of a fumble, caused by Dee Ford, I believe. Ford (and whoever rushed against the Jaguar RT) totally dominated the game. The Jaguars tried to run of a pro-style offense, but in passing situations, their pass protection wasn’t very good, especially on the right side.

    Bortles also made some bad passes, throwing two picks (including one for a pick 6), but it was a combination of his performance and the OLs that was a big reason for their loss.

    Actually, the game wasn’t as lopsided as the score suggested. If they met again in the playoffs, I could see the Jags beating them. (I stopped watching the game with about 4:00 minutes left.)


    The Vikings have almost no run game, and their OL is shaky. Cousins looks good–playing under pressure and making some really good throws. I don’t think they can go far, though without a better run game. DeFillipo, their OC is doing a good job, but they’ve got to run better. (Interestingly, with about 7:00 minutes to go, the Vikings seemed to have the best rushing.)

    The Eagles seemed to be able to move the ball quite well, but the Vikings just did a great job of keeping them out of the end zone for most of the game.


    These are two teams that are in the OK-to-good range. If they’re good, how good are they? In a way, most of the game, especially the score, seemed a classic defensive battle. If the two defenses were really good going against good offenses, that’s the type of game I like. But this didn’t really feel that way. The defenses seem good or potentially very good, but not more than that. The offenses seem OK or maybe good at best.


    Another game with two teams that are either OK or good. With all four, how good they are can vary quite a bit from week to week and depending on the match up. In any event, I liked this game better than the Ravens-Browns.

    I feel like the Texans should be better–that they’re playing beneath their talent. It wouldn’t surprise me if they get a lot better and do damage later in the season. Regarding Watson, he seems like a franchise QB to me.

    The Texans game plan seemed to be to shut down or contain Elliot, and they seemed mostly successful. I think that’s the way you have to play the Cowboys. Stop Elliot, and force the Cowboy passing game to beat you.


    Another two OK-to-good teams. The difference was a Dolphins punt return TD for most of the game. After that the difference was Tannehill turning the ball over three times, one for a pick 6. The Bengals defense really turned it up in the 4th, although part of this may be due to the Dolphins losing their starting LT.


    Jets ground game really got going.

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