2018 NFL Injury List

This is a thread to track injuries. Here a few guideline I plan to use. First, I want to track major injuries, which I loosely define as anything that will keep a player off the filed for more than a month, with emphasis on season ending injuries. Second, I will focus on good players and starters. Finally,I want to track when these injuries occur, at least making a distinction between injuries that happen before the regular season versus during. We’ve already got at least one season-ending injury that I know of. (By the way, please add or make any corrections.)


Hunter Henry, TE Chargers (out for the season; ACL tear)
Paul Worrilow, LB Eagles (out for the season; ACL tear)

Morgan Fox, DE Rams (out for the season, ACL tear)

4 thoughts on “2018 NFL Injury List

    1. OK, thanks. Do you know if he was going to start? The ESPN site said he would be competing for a spot. (I’ll take him off if he’s not really a significant player.)

      1. Philadelphia is pretty short on LBs it seems, especially because they released Kendricks, so I was guessing yes. You don’t know Worrilow (I didn’t.)? I think he was a starter in Atlanta and a starter in Detroit.

        1. I’m familiar with him. I believe he was a surprisingly good with Atlanta. I don’t remember how he did with the Lions. The article I read said that the Eagles brought him to compete and gave a list of about five other LBS he would ostensibly be competing against. I was unfamiliar with their names.

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